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Michigan series put on hold

Notre Dame and Michigan have played continously since 2002.

Notre Dame's long-standing rivalry with Michigan will be at least temporarily put on hold in years to come, according to the Wolverines' athletic director Dave Brandon.

Brandon confirmed an Associated Press report on the athletic department's website Tuesday morning that three previously scheduled games from 2015-17 will not be played. The two teams are still slated to play during the next two seasons.

"The decision to cancel games in 2015-17 was Notre Dame's and not ours," Brandon said in a statement. "We value our annual rivalry with Notre Dame but will have to see what the future holds for any continuation of the series. This cancellation presents new scheduling opportunities for our program and provides a chance to create some new rivalries."

Notre Dame associate athletic director John Heisler said he was not aware of the series being canceled as of Tuesday morning. He added that Irish athletic director Jack Swarbrick is in a months-long process of schedule shuffling in order to accommodate the school's new relationships with the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Notre Dame joined the ACC in all sports but football and hockey earlier this month and agreed to play five ACC football teams each season as part of the deal. Swarbrick said at the time that some of the regular games against Big Ten opponents would be played on a less regular basis.

"We made it clear that we were going to have to make some decisions relative to making it fit in the ACC," Heisler said.

Michigan and Notre Dame have played 40 times since the two schools first met in 1887. The Wolverines hold a 23-16-1 series advantage. The last year that they didn't meet was in 2001.

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