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Notre Dame Offers 2015 OL

Touted 2015 offensive tackle Reno Rosene knew that he was destined to be a big-time recruit at some point in the process, he just did not think it would happen this soon.

So, when the young 6-5, 300-pound prospect from Oaks Christian High School in Thousand Oaks, Calif., received his first offer from Notre Dame last week, it not only boosted his confidence, it also did a number on his beauty sleep that night.

“I was so excited about it,” Rosene said. “I wasn’t even able to go to sleep the next night.”

The up-and-coming Golden State prospect, who was offered by the Irish the same day as his 2014 quarterback, Brandon Dawkins, found out about his first option after Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chuck Martin and wide receivers coach Mike Denbrock stopped by the Lions’ practice last week. His offensive coordinator, Casey Clausen, the brother of Carolina Panthers quarterback and former Notre Dame standout Jimmy Clausen, gave Rosene Martin’s number with the promise that good news was coming.

“I didn’t really know what he was talking about at first, but I understood as soon as I gave coach Martin a call,” Rosene said. “He told me that I had an offer from Notre Dame and then he just told me a lot about the school. He told me that he really liked my leadership and how I was so intense on the field during our inside-run period of practice. He said he really liked my aggressiveness, even without pads on. He sees plenty of big kids all the time, but he says he doesn’t always see the aggressiveness and intensity that I have.

“I told him how I loved the tradition and the academics there. I also know that their fan support and everything about the school is rich with tradition. I feel so blessed to have that as my first offer because they’re just a great program that’s known for its football and other sports as well. It’s honestly the best phone call I’ve had so far in my life. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.”

The Sophomore-to-be plans on taking a trip to South Bend this summer.

“I plan on going to their three-day camp here soon,” he said. “That’s what I really want to do.”

Rosene, who is also hearing from LSU and UCLA at this time, knows what will be important to him when he chooses a college program.

“Right now, I like to be surrounded by people who like me and I like, so I imagine that will be very important to me when I commit somewhere,” he said. “I think I’m a pretty well-rounded person, so I’ll want to be around a bunch of guys who are the same way. I like the close bond that my high school team has, so I’d like to be somewhere that it’s the same way in college. I also want to be at a school that has a good offensive line program, and I know Notre Dame definitely does with [offensive line] coach [Harry] Hiestand.”

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