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Floyd Gets Comfortable In Arizona

Arizona Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald made it very clear he wanted the organization to draft fellow Minnesota native and Notre Dame playmaker Michael Floyd last April. Fitzgerald, who ranks fourth all-time in league history in receiving yards per game with an average of 76.0, got his way.

The Cardinals took Floyd, a 6-foot-3, 223-pounder who finished with 271 career receptions for 3,6866 yards and 37 touchdowns, with the 13th overall selection in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The two prolific wideouts met at a training facility in Minnesota years ago and remained friends.

“It’s great. He’s a good mentor,” Floyd said hours after being drafted. “It’s exciting to me that one of the best players in the game wants you on his team. I’ve known him since high school. We text back and forth whenever I need some advice or anything like that, he’s there that I can contact.”

It appears that the two no longer have to text to stay in contact with each other as it has been rumored that Floyd is currently living with Fitzgerald.

“He's taken care of, from what I hear," the Pro Bowler told Arizona Sports Wednesday. “You get a talented player on the offensive side of the ball that can produce, like he was able to do for four years at Notre Dame, it's going to be a tremendous asset for our ballclub.”

With Floyd expected to contribute right away as a rookie, he’s already savvy enough to take some of the heat off Fitzgerald.

“All rookies stay in a hotel, that's what we do," Floyd told Arizona Sports with a grin, before being asked about the pool at the Fitzgerald abode, which he said is nice. "I've seen it on the internet, and he invited me over for a barbecue once.
"It's pretty nice."

Floyd’s anxious to see what the tandem can do on game days.

“It’s exciting just knowing that he’s on the opposite side of me, one of the best receivers in the game,” he said. “It’s a good learning experience for me to know that when I get down there I’ll be able to learn from one of the best.”

Floyd's Place In The Irish Record Books
• Career Receptions (2008-11, 271, 1st)
• Career Receiving Yards (2008-11, 3,686, 1st)
• Career Touchdown Receptions (2008-11, 37, 1st)
• Career Receiving Yards/Game (2008-11, 85.7, 1st)
• Career 100-Yard Receiving Games (2008-11, 17, 1st)
• Career Touchdowns (2008-11, 38, 3rd)
• Career Scoring (2008-11, 228, 8th)
• Career All-Purpose Yards (2008-11, 3,760, 10th)
• Single-Season Receptions (2011, 100, 1st)
• Single-Season Receptions (2010, 79, 3rd)
• Single-Season Receiving Yards/Game (2009, 113.6, 3rd)
• Single-Season 100-Yard Receiving Games (2009, 5, 4th)
• Single-Season Touchdown Receptions (2010, 12, 4th)
• Single-Season Receiving Yards (2011, 1,147, 4th)
• Single-Season 100-Yard Receiving Games (2008, 4, t-7th)
• Single-Season 100-Yard Receiving Games (2010, 4, t-7th)
• Single-Season 100-Yard Receiving Games (2011, 4, t-7th)
• Single-Season Receiving Yards (2010, 1,025, 8th)
• Single-Season Touchdown Receptions (2009 and 2011, 9, t-9th)
• Single-Game Yards/Reception (Sept. 5, 2009 vs. Nevada, 47.3, 1st)
• Single-Game Receptions (Sept. 11, 2011 at Michigan, 13, t-2nd)
• Single-Game Touchdown Receptions (Oct. 16, 2010 vs. Western Michigan, 3, t-2nd)
• Single-Game Touchdown Receptions (Sept. 5, 2009 vs. Nevada, 3, t-2nd)
• Single-Game Receptions (Oct. 1, 2011 at Purdue, 12, t-4th)
• Single-Game Receptions (Sept. 3, 2011 vs. USF, 12, t-4th)
• Single-Game Receptions (Nov. 27, 2010 at USC, 11, t-8th)
• Single-Game Receptions (Oct. 30, 2010 vs. Tulsa, 11, t-8th)
• Single-Game Receiving Yards (Sept. 5, 2009 vs. Nevada, 189, 10th)

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