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Notre Dame Depth Chart: Offense

Here is the projected synopsis and depth chart on offense going into the opening practice on Aug. 4. The heights and weights include the recent ones of the freshmen, not the numbers from last winter.

Andrew Hendrix (12) and Everett Golson (5) both have the opportunity to be the starting quarterback in the Sept. 1 opener versus Navy.

For example, running back Will Mahone was listed at 6-0, 210 on Signing Day. He is now at 5-10, 211. Conversely, center Mark Harrell and tackle Ronnie Stanley were listed at 270 and 285 pounds, respectively, but are not at 287 and 304.

For the most part, the heights and weights of anyone other than the freshmen are the same in the current roster as they were listed at last spring.

No. Quarterback Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
12 Andrew Hendrix 6-2 220 Jr./3
or 5 Everett Golson 6-0 185 So./4
1 Gunner Kiel 6-4 210 Fr./4
11 Tommy Rees 6-2 210 Jr./2

Notes: With incumbent and 16-game Rees suspended for the Navy game, he will not be eliminated from taking reps this August because Brian Kelly noted “not every rep that you take is a rep twoards Navy, so there will be opportunities for Tommy to stay sharp.” As for dealing with the inevitable growing pains for Hendrix or Golson, Kelly said: “I don’t have any patience for that … we have to have a quarterback that we can trust that’s going to take care of the football and get us in the right place.”

No. RB/Slot Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
20 Cierre Wood 6-0 215 Sr./2
6 Theo Riddick 5-11 199 Sr./1
4 George Atkinson III 6-1 210 So./3
3 Amir Carlisle 5-10 185 So./3
31 Cameron Roberson 6-0 218 Jr./3
32 Will Mahone 5-10 211 Fr./4

Notes: This is how the Notre Dame media guide has the top 3 at the running back position listed, but there is a caveat. With the running back and slot (Z receiver) interchangeable, Wood and Riddick, or even Atkinson and Carlisle, can be on the field at the same time.
“If you’re not versatilie, you better be really, really good at being one dimensional,” Kelly said. “…There is more than one way to get this done.”
This will be a position where the staff might be banking on a greater ability on occasion to take the three- to-five-yard pass and turning it into 15, 20, 30, 40 … yards.

No. RB/Slot Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
9 Robby Toma 5-9 185 Sr./1
19 Davonte Neal 5-9 171 Fr./4

Notes: Again, you can just as easily insert a Wood, Riddick, Atkinson or Carlisle in here — although Kelly did mention that entering this weekend’s practice Carlisle is about at 80 percent in his recovery from last spring’s ankle surgery.

No. X Receiver Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
7 TJ Jones 5-11 190 Jr./2
10 DaVaris Daniels 6-2 190 So./4
2 Chris Brown 6-2 172 Fr./4
Notes: In the Notre Dame media guide, Jones was also listed as the top backup to Toma in case of an injury. Daniels switched his number from 16 to 10.

No. W Receiver Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
81 John Goodman 6-3 215 5th/1
87 Daniel Smith 6-4 215 Jr./2
14 Luke Massa 6-4 225 Jr./3
15 Justin Ferguson 6-2 196 Fr./4

Notes: The W is generally the larger-sized receiver (i.e. Michael Floyd last year) who plays on the shorter, boundary side of the field. Massa had an ACL injury late in the spring, but Kelly has said he’s made enough progress to maybe take some part in practices this August.

No. Tight End Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
80 Tyler Eifert 6-6 251 Sr./2
18 Ben Koyack 6-5 253 So./3
or 82 Alex Welch 6-4 250 Jr./3
85 Troy Niklas 6-7 260 So./3
88 Jake Golic 6-4 245 Sr./2

Notes: Kelly said that 2011 All-America Eifert is actually up to about 260 pounds and is so strong that he hit a golf ball 195 yards with just a 7 iron at his charity golf event this summer. There were rumors this summer that Niklas’ football career was in limbo because of some concussion issues, but Kelly said “Troy is cleared 100 percent to play.”

No. Left Tackle Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
70 Zack Martin 6-4 304 Sr./2
79 Jordan Prestwood 6-5 295 So./4
78 Ronnie Stanley 6-6 304 Fr./4

No. Left Guard Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
66 Chris Watt 6-3 310 Sr./2
51 Bruce Heggie 6-5 285 Jr./3

No. Center Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
52 Braxston Cave 6-3 304 5th/1
57 Mike Golic Jr. 6-3 295 5th/1
77 Matt Hegarty 6-5 296 So./4
75 Mark Harrell 6-5 287 Fr./4

No. Right Guard Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
57 Mike Golic Jr. 6-3 295 5th/1
or 72 Nick Martin 6-4 285 So./4
65 Conor Hanratty 6-5 305 So./4

No. Right Tackle Ht. Wt. Cl./Elig.
74 Christian Lombard 6-5 309 Jr./3
64 Tate Nichols 6-8 320 Jr./3

Notes Golic is the wild card at all three inside positions, similar to Andrew Nuss last year as a fifth-year senior. Nick Martin is considered a co-starter with Golic at right guard. We did not notice sophomore Brad Carrico on either the alphabetical or numerical roster, so we will inquire on his status when Kelly is again available.

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