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Shembo Addresses Seeberg Allegation

INDIANAPOLIS — Former Notre Dame linebacker Prince Shembo acknowledged at the NFL Combine on Saturday that he was the player at the center of a fall 2010 investigation surrounding allegations made by former Saint Mary’s College student Lizzy Seeberg.

Linebacker Prince Shembo recorded 48 tackles and 5.5 sacks during his senior campaign at Notre Dame.

In September 2010, Seeberg accused an Irish football player of sexually assaulting her in a dorm room. She committed suicide 10 days later. Without her testimony, charges were never filed in the case. Her parents have criticized Notre Dame for not acting quicker to investigate or interview the alleged perpetrator.

Rumors swirled online about the identity of the player, but Shembo acknowledged Saturday that the unknown player in question was him.

“I just tell [NFL team executives] the truth, I have nothing to hide,” said Shembo, who estimated that 26 teams have interviewed him. “No one’s heard from me one time. Do you go off of one person’s story?

“I’m still here, so I know I didn’t do anything. I tell them exactly what happened.”

Shembo said the questions teams have asked him did not come as a surprise because, “It’s all over the Internet. Everyone that does the background check can type my name in and you’ll see all the stuff that people have said about me and have never heard from my mouth.”

Irish head coach Brian Kelly told Shembo he could not discuss the matter publicly, Shembo said.

“Yes, I wanted to talk about it, but they had to keep everything confidential,” said Shembo, who added that he did not lobby Kelly for the opportunity to speak about it. “Now that I’m out [of the university], I can talk about it.

“My name was going to flames and it just made my name look bad and I can’t even speak.”

Shembo’s allotted interview time ran out before he could share more details from his side of the story.

He registered 48 tackles and 5.5 sacks as a senior during the 2013 season and is a projected mid-round selection in May’s NFL Draft.

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