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Golson Gets Greedy

Everett Golson expects to spend his time from now on in more productive ways. Notre Dame’s second-year starting quarterback believes a more efficient Fighting Irish offense will be the result in 2013.

Junior quarterback Everett Golson looks to add points and pounds in 2013.

Some wasted hours were the product of a learning curve last season, when explanations didn’t always sink in immediately for the Myrtle Beach, S.C., product, whose first college season resulted in a 12-1 record and an appearance in the BCS National Championship Game. Then there were chunks of lost time almost on a weekly basis just getting his body back in working condition.

Such is life for a quarterback willing and expected to put his body on the line in the read option attack. Golson was listed at 185 pounds last season, but he was likely 10 pounds lighter than that, especially by the end of the year. Putting on what Kelly called a “suit of armor” is something Golson could do spend more time on the practice field and less time on the training table.

“I definitely feel the difference,” said Golson, who used the two months after the title game to beef up to a listed 186 pounds. “I feel a little better. I think it’s a thing of me being more durable. If you ask me, I’m good at 175; that’s the mentality I have. Being that I’m trying to get up to 195, I’m more durable and I can take hits that I can just kind of bounce back from.”

His junior campaign is about a more robust offense as well.

Golson completed 58.8 percent of his passes last year for 2,405 yards with 12 touchdowns and six interceptions. He rushed for 298 yards and a team-high six touchdowns. The Irish outgained each opponent by an average of nearly 107 yards, but scored touchdowns just 48 percent of the time on 60 trips to the red zone.

A program that relied on a dominant defense last fall looks to balance things out in 2013.

“I think for me personally, it’s more on us because I expect more from us. In 2012 we didn’t really leave our mark,” Golson said. “You kind of blame it on excuses like it’s our first year going through it. But at the end of the day, we didn’t do our job. That’s definitely an emphasis for me personally to make this offense better and have a better season.”

And how exactly does Golson define his job?

“Putting up points, as simple as that,” he said. “Whichever way you can. Just being dominant on the offensive side of the ball. Everybody understanding what they’re doing, and not only that, but why we’re doing it.”

The strides Golson's made from last spring to this spring are enormous, Kelly said. With that progression comes other issues.

"Strong command of our offense," Kelly said Saturday. "I think where we’re at with him is we have to now begin to pull back a little bit. He wants to do a little too much. He knows his toolbox very well. He didn’t know anything relative to what he had for tools last year in terms of what he can do with the offense.

"Now he wants to maybe do a little bit too much. We’re at a totally different point in his development. I think what stands out the most for me though is his command. His communication and command and his leadership has been evident as we started spring ball."

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