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BGI Radio: The Morning After

Wes Morgan and Dan Murphy present a new podcast to the Blue & Gold Radio lineup - The Morning After. The show will be a post-game breakdown throughout the season that will be available on Sunday mornings.

Show Summary:

BGI staff writer Dan Murphy and assistant editor Wes Morgan team up to provide an analysis of Notre Dame's 30-13 win against No. 8 Oklahoma in a hostile environment on the road.They field questions from the BGI message boards and provide a quick rundown of Notre Dame's 2012 opponents.

Click HERE for The Morning After

Check back next week when Murphy & Morgan will be back in South Bend to break down Notre Dame's game against Pittsburgh.

  • Sleep? Who was able to sleep last night? lol

    Gotta agree with the leadership of EG this week...the kid did a terrific job, but has to find a better way to avoid those big, potentially season-ending hits. I thought he cracked a couple of ribs yesterday, but luckily, he didn't.

    As for flight back home, my son attended the game (from NJ) and was told his connecting flight from Chicago was cancelled. He managed to get the last flight from Tulsa, so he drove after the game and got on a 6:30 am flight back home - just in time to beat the storm before it hits.

    On to Pitt! Go Irish!

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