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The place for Irish fans to engage in hardcore discussion about Notre Dame athletics

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BCS Changes: Winners & Losers

  • A pretty good synopsis about the changing face of college football that has been percolating this month.

    BCS changes: Why now? Who wins and who loses?

    CHICAGO (AP) — College football is headed toward a new era, with a four-team playoff deciding the champion starting in 2014. Scott said Thursday. In the Big Ten, as much as Commissioner Jim Delany has been against a playoff, he realized the BCS just wasn't worth fighting so hard for anymore. BCS supporters would often boast they were leaving money on the table for the good of college football. Whether their motivation was quite so noble is debatable, but there was never any question that a playoff would bring in more money than the BCS, with its hit-or-miss bowl games and often controversial championship matchup. [...] take the four best teams out of the bowls and put them in semifinals and a bowl bid will feel like even more of a consolation prize. [...] if schedule strength is going to be emphasized for picking the playoff participants, how do those teams fortify their schedules to match what the teams from power leagues already have built-in? The commissioners aren't sure yet, though it will probably be similar to the basketball selection committee, which is comprised of commissioners and athletic directors. [...] it is one thing to hand out 34 at-large bids to a basketball tournament and quite another to determine which 12-1 football team to leave out of a playoff. The commissioners want to stress strength of schedule, give conference champions some preference and provide the committee with an RPI-like rating system to guide them and make it less of a guessing game.