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Does Rees Staying Home Mean Golson is Ready?

  • I don't doubt a single word that Brian Kelly said as to why Tommy Rees and Carlo Calabrese are staying home. I believe that Kelly believes it is in the best interest of the program for players' choices to carry consequences. Obviously, this elevates either Golson or Hendrix into the starting QB slot. It means those two will get the majority of the fall camp reps. This won't hurt Rees that much since he's already run system for two years, but could work wonders for Golson and Hendrix.

    Most of us sense that Kelly wants Golson on the field. Most of us share his feelings. However, unlike the rest of us, Kelly is alone in knowing just how dangerous it might be to have him playing. I don't believe after last year's start that Kelly will take any opponent for granted. I believe knows Navy could beat us if we turn it over like we did against USF, Michigan, etc.

    These things lead me to believe that Golson has made enormous strides toward being able to get the team set without risking unacceptable numbers of delay of game, illegal formation and false start penalties. This does not mean that I think Kelly would not have meted out the same discipline if Golson had not made this progress. Instead, I think Kelly might have delayed the announcement for a few weeks. Announcing this now tells me Kelly is comfortable enough with Golson (or possibly Hendrix) to invest more heavily in them during fall camp than he otherwise would. If he lacked that comfort, he would keep a three way competition going knowing that he really wants Rees on the field for Purdue. By announcing this now, a QB disaster against Navy will permit him to fall back to Rees simply by saying he wanted him for Navy, but that he couldn't use him in all good conscience. On the other hand, if Golson is solid, he can continue to start.

    I will not be surprised if Everett Golson will cost us a game or two as a starter. In fact, I'll be surprised if he doesn't. Against our schedule, he's too inexperienced not to. However, I believe we can have a better overall season with him under center than with Rees. If he plays the whole year, I have the feeling we can give Oklahoma and USC all they want. I also believe we can beat either or both of them.

    This could be a very good Notre Dame football team. Even without proven wideouts, Eifert and the other tight ends, Roma and the slot guys and the backs gives us all kinds of possession tools as well as opportunities to get the ball to guys in space. With our line and backs, we'll also be able to run with power, yet score on any play. On defense, we're thin at safety and questionable at both corners, but if Wood, Jackson, Josh Atkinson, Prosise, Slaughter and a few others stay healthy and flash some skills, the defense could be very solid, as well. We'll be very hard to run on. If we can get up to about a B in the defensive backfield, we could make it hard for most teams to score.

    The great thing is we don't play OK and USC until the year's 9th and 13th weeks. By then, Golson, the receivers and the corners will no longer be green. If they have the talent to play at this level, they'll be ready show it. We could be a very solid football team when those games roll around.

    If we win the games we should, don't stumble against BYU, and play 60 minutes of football against MSU, Michigan and Stanford, we could be undefeated going to Oklahoma. I doubt that we will be, but viewing one game at a time, it's certainly possible. I believe we have the talent edge against everyone except the big two, although Denard Robinson's experience is a big plus for Michigan. Also, playing Michigan and MSU on consecutive Saturdays is, as usual, unfortunate.

    Still, if we get through the first four, momentum could carry us through the next three, and we could be some very happy campers come bowl season. Then, of course, at year's end, we'd have the longest off season in history waiting like kids at Christmas for 2013 to arrive.

  • Good positive read..I'm getting pumped

  • Mr. Rice, your mind is all over the board and with good reason. I think most ardent Notre Dame fans feel as you do and your rationale for wins and losses. There is one thing that you and everyone else that has posted tonight have forgotten... and that is just how fortunate they are to have that kind of quality at 2nd, 3rd and 4th string. I do not think there are many number one rated five star QB's riding the pines at #4 in the depth chart as of August 1st. I will grant you that he is an incoming freshman but you get my meaning. I mean, my God, most top flight BCS bound schools would love to have 3 out of our 4 QB's!

    I would also be careful not to discount Andrew Hendrix. I know Golson is the people's choice and right now, he would be my choice based on his BG game performance but Hendrix isn't far behind! Before it's all said and done, I think we will see both Golson and Hendrix come September 1st. Let's just say that it's going to be fun watching Kelly prepare the QB to focus on a smooth game plan for the Midshipmen.

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  • hemy

    I am among those who count myself willing to briefly entertain
    the notion that we will go 12-0 and land in the BCS national
    championship game. "A man's reach must exceed his grasp,
    or what's a heaven for."

    However, unless this year is a "surprise" year like the ones
    we have seen described on these pages over the past week,
    our "dream" will not happen. However, I do believe we can
    have a year which is much better than Jerry Palm predicts
    now that either Everett or Andrew will start in Dublin. As Mr.
    Rice has said, we will be able to run behind what may be
    our best-coached offensive line in recent memory. Everett
    would only add to that dimension (provided he learns how
    to hang on to the football better). And, he can learn how to
    pass in the spread with talented slot and a capable wide-
    receiving core.

    To me, 2012 may very well turn out real nice but I will be
    emotionally ready to settle for "2012 is prelude" to 2013
    and beyond if and only if Everett starts, with Andrew and
    Gunner as backups and Tommy as the
    designated "fireman." We really could be very, very good
    in 2013 and I want our QB situation to be settled with a
    year's experience under our 2013 QB's belt.

    I am definitely not giving up on 2012; quite the contrary
    I look forward to a year in which we get better and better
    as the year unfolds. However, I want to avoid at all costs
    a repeat of this year's QB discussion next year.

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  • Rice: I think that it is a mistake to state that Kelly would not have suspended Tommy if Golson had not made great strides in running the team. There is no connection between the two. Both players did more than just drink at a party and the legal process only recently played out. Therefore, Kelly really had no choice.

  • Hi Irish;

    I agree with you completely. I tried to communicate that in my post. I think Rees and Carlo were going to be suspended one way or the other, and I think it would have been for this game. Public relations would have been a nightmare with no suspension, and it's the right thing to do either way. I just think that the timing of the announcement might be a subtle hint that Golson and/or Hendrix have made the progress Kelly needed to see. The timing gives the whole team and visitors to practice, plus those to whom rumors are passed on by insiders an understanding of why Golson and Hendrix are getting the majority of the reps.