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I know I know but...listen

  • just in case ND does win.. what are we looking at for a National Championship game.

    I would just like to run though the comparisons and see what we are looking at. In a season full of nothing but "next game in" I would like to just take a minute and revel in the fact ND is 60 min of football away from playing in the NC game. So lets start and have some fun gang

    In Alabama we are getting
    a two time NC winning coach
    a defense that is full of future NFL talent
    two STUD RB's that seem to only be getting better
    an offensive line that coachs only see in their dreams
    and a QB who as already been on a NC winning team
    a senior who has competed against some of the best talent CFB has to offer.

    In Georgia (the SEC game decides who plays for the brass ring) all other paths are lengthy and have little chance of happening
    So in Georgia we are getting
    two GREAT RB's, one (Marshall) nearly committed to ND way-back when.
    A another senior QB with two great receivers and has a habit of finding them in the 3rd quarter
    a Defense led by a LB who has top 10 pick writing all over him.
    Also a coach who has been doing this a long time and seem some NFL talent go though his locker room (Matt Staford).

    In my opinion ND does not match up well with ether. ND seems too slow and dependent on that one long shot to Brown. Like we have no other options, well we do not have other options. We have freshman QB and an offensive line which at times seems slow. We have 2 freshman in our 2ndary who have not seen the level of talent Alabama or Georgia has, nor the solid coaching.
    Both of their defenses are faster then our offense and their offensives are stronger and faster then our defense. Do I see a blow out, well not till at least the 3rd quater.

    but while you have your downvotes ready and your fingers are inchy remember this

    this is exactly what we want people and their players to think. I said at the beginning of this season (check the records) i called for a 11-2/10-3 record. This team is now 60 min away from making a lier out of me, in the best way possible.
    I believe in BK and what his staff is doing. This team has a chance to go undefeated! Stop and think about that for a min


    Everyone and I mean everyone I speak or have spoken with believes ND is STILL overrated and does not belong in the top 10... much like Boise St. a few years back. Just a team surviving on luck and just waiting for it to run out. I want everyone to get on their local radio stations and other boards and prech the death of ND football at the hands of the SEC. Scream it, demand ND be left out of the game.
    This team has doen what I predicted, play with a chip the size of MT. Everest on their shoulder after last season. They wanted to get to this season so bad that could taste the tears of despair of the other teams.

    So again, lets get this team right where WE want them. Pissed off
    and lets make sure all those players and coachs believe all they need to do is show up and they win.

    and if I could just give you a quote my DI gave me in basic.
    "nobody is or should be scared of the guy (team) that takes the (battle)field like a rapid dog, but should be terrified of the army(team) that walks onto the field in total silence carrying only...
    a black flag"

    lets go boys... enjoy the ride and tell your sons and daugthers, this season is why you cheer for Notre Dame

  • I disagree this notre dame team is very fast. they are tougher and def smarter than sec schools. Other than turnovers and bad calls I think we win.

  • I would ask you to read to the bottom sir

    this is bait...

  • ND matches up very well with both Bama and Georgia IMO. ND will shut down the run, and keep the points low. That means they would be in the game for 4 quarters no matter what the O does. I think Golson would be the X Factor since he would have a month to prepare and I would expect him to grow the most of anyone being a freshman.