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I'll ask again " What's with Cooley " ?

  • He woke up at the end of the game, and got fired up. Also, as usual he had a decent number of rebounds, but it was still a mediocre performance. For most of the game, he was a non factor.

    Last year, he got away with poor fundamentals, but it is not working this year. His base is narrow, not wide. His butt is not low, his footwork on defense is poor, but it is too late in the season or his career to change now. He seems to get overpowered more this year than last. Let's hope the old Cooley shows up from here on. Let's also hope that he stops picking up some stupid fouls virtually every game although that too has been a habit going back to last year. He should be well by now so why the underachievement ?

    The team came out flat as they usually do in the post season, but they got into the game and played very well after the poor beginning. Connaughton was excellent last night. It is nice to see him have two good shooting nights in a row. And, Sherman had one of his " up" games. Fortunately, we hit our free throws down the stretch. Hope that they all play well tomorrow night. It would be nice to get to the championship game.

  • Sherman has been picking up the slack but im not sure whats going on with Cooley. He doesn't seem himself. Maybe its just the wear and tear of the long season. Hopefully he becomes more productive and Sherman keeps playing like he is.

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  • Until near the end of last night's game, I hadn't seen Cooley have that fire in his eyes in recent games. He's looked tired and, at times, listless. I wouldn't be surprised, as some suggested on the other thread, if he's still feeling the effects of his illness. He doesn't look right to me. Also, the complexion of the offense changed once Martin went out. Basically, you had four guys working the perimeter, and Cooley had the low or high post to himself. Now he has to share it with Knight, Sherman and Auguste. I think it changed how he operates down there.

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