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  • If this coach thinks the only criterion for starting Everett Golson is perfection, it is time to re-evaluate the coach. This young man outperforms his competition, brings energy to his offense, and lifts the morale of Irish legions everywhere. What's not to like?

    Tonight, I heard a fellow alum state with sadness that Kelly will likely start Rees . . . holding Golson for backup work. That is because he has little regard for Kelly's coaching leadership. I do hope my friend is wrong, but I remain fearful.

    If indeed ND football is based on a meritocracy -- not who's due by past -- then, EG deserves the shot. I and legions of Irish faithful will be disconsolate it Kelly decides otherwise. In the end, he will be also.

  • What authority of inside info does your friend have?

    I think it was obvious to anyone that watched the spring game that Golson outperformed Hendrix and Rees. Tommy made the same mistakes he did last fall in terms of turning the ball over. Fall camp still needs to be played out, and a lot will be determined this summer. Golson can take thousands of snaps between now and then and study the signals and formations. If he does that, than he should easily edge out Rees.

    It appears that all 3 QBs have a lot to work on to get to where the staff will be comfortable with starting them, so it wouldn't have made sense for Kelly to gush over any one in particular yesterday.

  • "If this coach thinks the only criterion for starting Everett Golson is perfection"

    Kelly's never said or intimated that whatsoever. He has shared some insight into the selection process, though. He's consistently said that the QB that manages the offense and protects the football best will start this year.

    To most of us that saw the spring game, that player appeared to be Golson. But Kelly saw some flaws we wouldn't notice, and pointed them out. Just as he did with all of the quarterbacks. I'm sure Kelly's just relieved the season doesn't start tomorrow, because none of them look game-ready.

  • I am really over the 'BK is the problem' and 'BK needs to go nonsense'.. Look at our team.. It is the most talented overall team we've had in years and that's because of our staff. I don't care if we go 7-6 or 10-3, i'll still think that and still will believe he deserves at least five years to right this ship because things don't happen overnight and it is CRYSTAL CLEAR we are a better team because of the staff we have..

    All of that said, Golson performed better, fits our offense better, and will be our starter.

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  • +1.

    When Kelly took over, he inherited a team stuck in many years of mediocrity, with some talent, but not the depth and overall talent needed to win consistently. Now look at this team. Can anyone say the defense, even with the current problems in the backfield, is not overall much better. Nothing against Weis, but imagine the current defensive backfield, and Weis' front seven. Look at the current o-line, and at what is coming. Enough depth at running back that there is talk of redshirting 2 good incoming players. Say what you will about the QBs (and almost everyone will), but only 2 are Kelly's (he inherited Hendrix from Weis' class), and all 4 have talent. (I know, TR is ________, but he is 12 and 4. He makes mistakes, but he cant be all bad). Sometimes, success takes time. Kelly is trying to build a program, not just a team.

    In 5 years, every player will have been his for at least 2 years. He will be accountable then. We need to quit looking for the instant, immediate results that people now seem to think is the norm. This team today would lay waste to Weis' last 3 teams. (I have nothing against Charley. He loved ND, and he tried. He just wasn't the answer. I root for him to succeed at Kansas,)

    Not to toot my horn, but I coached baseball successfully for 35 years, at all levels through college players. Most parents, many players, and a lot of others thought they knew as much about my teams as I did. Some knew as much or more about baseball, but none knew my team as well. I was at every practice. I spoke privately with every player. I knew what went on in the dugout (sideline). I think I understood what was needed to succeed with each team (although sometimes the record would disagree with me).

    We've all seen the games before, we've all seen a glorified 2 hour practice. Constructive criticism and comments are good and necessary. But let's stay away from the absolutes. I have my opinions about who should play what and when, and I will try to express them in what I hope is a mature manner, without being personal. Let these 18 to 22 year olds enjoy their youth, without a bunch of name calling from any of us. Let Kelly do a job he knows a lot better than any of us.

    Then, at the end of year 5, make a decision. My guess is that ND will be just fine then. GO IRISH!!