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ND #33 in Lindys

  • I just received the Lindys 2012 Preview today. Lindys said with an unsettled quarterback position, Notre Dame takes on one of the nation's toughest schedules. Kelly says eight-win seasons are not the standard that is set at Notre Dame, but the Irish would do well to match that number this season. Phil Steele and Athlon will probably have Notre Dame ranked a little higher to sell magazines. Keep in mind that there is no Sporting News or Street & Smith's College Football magazine anymore.

    Here are Lindys rankings of Notre Dame's 2012 Opponents:
    9/01/12 #80 vs. Navy in Dublin, Ireland
    9/08/12 #42 vs. Purdue
    9/15/12 #12 at Michigan State
    9/22/12 #7 vs. Michigan
    10/06/12 #49 vs. Miami in Chicago, Ill.
    10/13/12 #21 vs. Stanford
    10/20/12 #39 vs. BYU
    10/27/12 #4 at Oklahoma
    11/03/12 #44 vs. Pittsburgh
    11/10/12 #71 at Boston College
    11/17/12 #54 vs. Wake Forest
    11/24/12 #2 at USC

  • irishnumberone,

    In fact, Athlon's has ND at No. 20 this year, which might be the highest of any pre-season poll.

    Lindy's has been the harshest on ND the last several years in the pre-season — but also the most accurate. It had ND No. 59 in 2008 (7-6), No. 37 in 2009 (6-6), No. 49 in 2010 (8-5) and No. 19 last year (8-5) when Athlon and Phil Steele both had them No. 6.

    Prior to the 1988 national title season, when only the top 20 teams were ranked, third-year Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz gave a primer on pre-season rankings involving the Irish.

    “If they think we’re going to be good, they’ll put us in the Top 3.
    “If they think we’re going to be decent, they’ll put us in the Top 6.
    “If they think we’ve got a chance to be good, we’ll be in the Top 10.
    “If they think we’re not going to be that good, they’ll put us in the Top 15.”
    “And if they think we’re going to be horrendous, they’ll put us somewhere between 15 and 20.”

  • Phil Steele is the best in the business but his are based on where he expects teams to finish at the end of the season not necessarily how he would rank them to begin the season. Preview magazines are good for informational purposes to research other teams for the upcoming season.

    You love to use that quote don't you Lou? You didn't use that quote after your 247 buddies put their rankings out though....shrug

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  • We Are ND76,

    It doesn't matter who ranks Notre Dame where. I think it's an amusing quote, and it was certainly accurate back then. Similar to the one about, "the first year they just wanted us to be competitive ... no, you don't understand we want you to win ... no, you don't understand we want you to win them all ... no, you don't understand we want you to win them all by large margins ..."

  • I think #33 ranking seems pretty fair, based on the referenced factors.

    I don't think there are 32 teams that will be better than us; however, I doubt there are more than a handful of teams with a comparable schedule. I fully expect 8-4, which is within range of #33.

    Side note: I have a history of being optimistic; however, I find myself agreeing with the more modest predictions this year (8-4). I'm worried that this is the higher end of the range (based solely on my history with ND football and my expectations). I'm hoping this is a sign of me leveling out (finally after two broken tables, one couch, and two doors), but I can't be sure. Should I be worried? Maybe I should convince myself we'll have a 9 or 10 win season, ensuring an 8 win season. :)

    POTW 6.4.2012 - 6.10.2012 & 3.4.2013 - 3.10.2013

  • Thanks for sharing the info. irishnumberone.

  • First of all, 33 is Dan Shannon's old number. The one that made contact with the suddenly obliterated OU kick returner who then fumbled in ND's fabled 27-21 victory in 1952.

    So maybe it's a good omen. Or, at least, it would be nice to think so.

    My other comment involves the rankings of ND's opponents. If Lindy's were to have it completely right, we're looking at old familiar 8-4 and Kelly as the second coming -- albeit one notch down of -- of OSU's Earl Bruce, the 9-3 king.

    Throw in one upset "for" and one "against," and it's still 8-4, which with either Rees or anyone else at QB would rank as success in my book. Certainly given that schedule. Which is the real difference, by the way, between coaching the Bearcats and ND, QB issues aside.

    Of course, we can all hope Lindy's has it wrong, which we will undoubtedly do form wire to wire, kickoff to final gun of every single game.

    All aboard the hopium train.