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So lets say he made it all up. It was all his idea

  • I'll be honest when I first heard this, I laughed. I said wow what a moron. How could you not know. Then watched it all play out last night made a lot of off color jokes to the wife and texting to friends. Then started to watch Jack and started to believe Teo was duped. Went to bed and woke and checked twitter
    Took a shower and was still thinking about it, then thought about it on the way to work (35 minute drive) and then most of this morning. It finally dawned on me and i'm surely not a fan boy of Te'o. Don't know why I just never really rooted for the guy. Loved his talent he just wasn't one of my favorite players. Probably has to do with the hype of him and the religious quest he is on that I'm just disinterested in. I root for the little guy I guess like the TJ jones, the nix who had god given talent but had to work to get success it wasn't natural like Teo.

    So what if he made it all up, how does it affect you?
    Unless you are one of the speculative few who gave money to some obscure foundation set up in the fake girls honor which reports say has a whopping 3k in, it affects you personally 0.

    What does affect you? Some of the positive things he has done for your favorite university. Or how about if you live in South Bend, the local charities he helped.

    He has never hurt a single one of you or me. He's not the powerful CEO that embezzled stock holders money. He didn't drink and drive, he didn't kill anyone. He didn't get on stage saying give my church money even!

    The worst thing he did was increase "Heisman hype". Oh the horror, no one has every done that. It's not like we dont' have a Heisman trophy winner at ND who changed his name to hype himself.

    Even if he did make it up, it doesn't affect any of us.

    This isn't a math test, passion has a funny of trumping logic.

  • If he made it up it will just be a huge embarrassment for the university, something else for ND haters to hate on.