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Summertime Thoughts

  • Hi, folks.

    So...Summer, 2012, eh? What a busy summer it has been. I've been traveling all over this beautiful country doing my part in getting those 15 verbals Notre Dame currently has.'s all lies. However, I have moved out of one house and into another. That took 49,000 hours. I had to schedule and take the GMAT (that's right - daddy's going back to school). And since you're all squirming in your chairs with curiosity, I will be starting my MBA this fall at ECU. This will not cause me, in any fashion, to become a Pirate fan.

    In other news, I had a text conversation with J-Sapp today. He told me that he doesn't really like any of you and that I have been his favorite poster since the time before time.'s all a lie, too. Not the part about chatting with Jason, just the narcissistic part about being the favorite.

    And if all of that busy-ness isn't enough, I have scheduled a wee vacation next week. And by wee vacation, I mean a cruise. Bahamas, bitc...umm...people. Never been. And my oldest (9) gets to swim with Dolphins. She doesn't know. I know. You know. But she doesn't know. The look on her face when she realizes she is going to swim with a dolphin (her favorite animal) will - for me - pay for the entire trip.


    Other than that, it's just work. And work. And being impressed with the recruits Kelly & Co. have reeled in. I know it's only June. I understand that all of our highly-rated commits can flip to Houston. Or that Meyer can raise the offer price. But I have faith. And you should have more faith if you find yourself in that 'Ye Of Little Faith' group. So...what else is there?

    Oh - here is the actual high temps for Charlotte over the next four days: 104, 104, 102, 100. Seems a small cold front appears to be coming in on that fourth day, knocking the temp down to a more comfortable 100. I think the weather guy should just get in front of the camera and say, "It's hot as sh*t. Be careful. Use common sense." Instead, we get told about how the temp will drop there on day four.

    At last, you have reached the end of the post. If you found this post to be full of useful information, then you didn't read it correctly. If you found it to be a waste of posts haven't changed. Until next time...

    ...this is where I vanish through a side door or trap door or something. But, since it's me and I'm ignorant, you can clearly see the door which is very poorly disguised as a fake tree.

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  • Sometimes, your posts are like bumping into an old friend or coworker you haven't seen in years. This is one of those posts.

    I like Summer because of girls in tank tops. And that's about the only reason.

  • Now I want to go buy a box of Nutter Butters. My wife will probably insist on Fig Newtons, since it least has the name of a fruit in the title... but I will slip a package of Nutter Butters in the cart and blame it on my son... or ninjas.

    And beer... reading IFR posts always makes me want to drink beer.

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  • Nice to see you around Ron. I'm Texas for a few days and I actually seen two trees fighting over a dog. Anyway, JSapp told me the same stuff so what gives? Huh! Hope you and the fam have a blast!

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  • I knew you were a big Miami fan, but didn't know your children were, too.

    Enjoy the cruise. Will they put an umbrella in your Yuengling?

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