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Swarbrick Talks ND Bowl Possibilities

  • hemy

    In a number of previous threads, I mentioned that Jack Swarbrick had
    not publically discussed ND's bowl possibilities in the admittedly unlikely event
    we did not make the "Final Four" for inclusion in the playoffs. His
    interview in the SBTribune on Wednesday rectifies this to a degree.

    Jack first admitted that our bowl options in the current cycle are
    disasterous--"we are dependent on the conferences not filling their
    spots, a position we never want to be in again."

    He mentioned that to secure a "premium" bowl outside of the
    Final Four,we would have to finish in places 5 through 12 (as ranked
    by the newly created selection committee) although he cautioned
    that, due to conference tie-ins, the number of at-large spots
    available may not match the number of at-large teams ranked
    5 through 12.

    Jack did not articulate it this way but here is what I see as a problem:
    If a team belongs to the Big 12, the BIG, the PAC-12, the SEC, etc.
    then due to the conference tie-ins, a given team knows where it
    will land, depending upon the season it has. For example, the
    fifth place finisher in the SEC plays the fourth place finisher in the
    BIG, etc. So, even if a team has a relatively mediocre season, it
    gets to go to a decent bowl due to the conference tie-ins.

    ND has no such luxury. If we are not in the Final Four or
    we finish outside of 5 to 12, or even if we finish in the 5
    to 12 group but not enough at-large spots are open, then
    essentially we have no where to go.

    In the old days, before the bowls had rushed to affiliate
    themselves with conferences, ND really had it nice since
    we could parlay a decent season into a very good bowl
    based upon, our name, tradition and drawing power.
    However, this "ND advantage" is diminshed to the extent
    that all the premium as well as decent bowls are tied to
    the conferences.

    My point: even under the post-BCS system that is being
    put into place, ND needs to find a way to have some
    sort of bowl tie-in or "bowl home" if perchance, we are
    left out of the Final Four and the next tier of premium bowls.

    From a football perspective only, this is one advantage of
    conference-affiliation. Obviously, this fact alone is
    insufficient for us to give up independence, but
    nevertheless, it is something that we should deal with
    to give ND the best possible arrangement in the "new
    world order" of college football.

  • I thought the conference qualifiers were out the window in regards to bowl selections?

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  • hemy

    As I understand it (and I could be totally at sea), the conferences still intend
    to maintain their conference affiliations, e.g. SEC and the Sugar Bowl; Big
    East and Orange Bowl;BIG and PAC 12, the Rose Bowl. Similarly, so-called
    lesser bowls still seem tobe moving ahead based upon conference tie-ins
    --e.g. Gator, Peach, Outback, etc. so that, these bowls will still choose
    from their respective conference tie-ins. So, to my point, if the bowl
    marketplace were open,we have no problem. But, it seems that the
    marketplace for bowls will still be restricted under the new system,
    (after the Final Four and 5 through 12 are set)
    leaving us in the unenviable position that we are in currently.

    This is only my understanding of the situation and my concern based
    upon that understanding. I would love to be wrong but nothing Swarbrick
    said in the interview gives me comfort other than he certainly does
    concur there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

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  • I could be at sea myself, but I thought the only tie-ins among the top bowls, we're the Rose tied into the Big 10/PAC-10; and the SEC/Big 12 tied into the new Champions bowl. I am not sure the Fiesta, Orange, Sugar or Cotton will have any tie-ins, other than years they serve as a semi-final site.

    Now, lesser bowls may still have conference tie-ins to ensure their viability.

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  • hemy


    I think you are right---the top bowls will fit within the new system. My concern is
    the so-called "lesser" bowls. In other words, if ND were to finish outside of the top 12 teams,
    as ranked by the new selection committee, we could for example be 9-3 and
    be terribly restricted as to our bowl possibilities due to the fact that the Gator
    and similar level bowls had conference tie-ins.

    Now, first, I know we have not been at least 9-3 since 2006 and justifiably,
    people are saying "get to 9-3 and we'll argue." That's fine but still in all,
    I yearn for the days of yesteryear when a "good" but not "great" ND could
    still play in a decent bowl. And, lately, due chiefly to conference tie-ins,
    our choices have been limited (e.g. 2010, 2011). I just don't
    want the same treatment (i.e. waiting and seeing whether we can
    take the place of a conference not filling their spots) under the
    new system. A major problem--no. Something to think about--I
    think yes.

  • The entire bowl system is about to be re-structured. Forget about many of the conference placement tie ins. The only ones we know for sure is the Rose with the B10/P12. The SEC/B12 champions will meet in a new bowl matchup that is either going to be in the Sugar or the Cotton. The Orange Bowl is about to announce a new deal with the ACC Champion. Those are the only 5 leagues that will have Championship provisions. Rumor here in ACC country is that Swarbick/ND are negotiating to be the other tie in to the Orange Bowl to face off against the ACC when ND meets the qualifications. This would be the new ND "bowl home" that Hemy is referring to. We will soon find out if it just another post season rumor.

    I would prefer to see us have a BCS type of tie in with the Cotton for tradition sake. I expect the Cotton and Chick-fil-a Bowls to be the 2 new BCS level bowl games. Keep in mind those games w/tie ins will still select the #2 team from the conference they deal with if they lose their champion to the Final Four.

    Also remember the committee that is selecting the Final Four teams will also be selecting and placing teams into rest of the BCS level bowl games. They will do it based on rankings/conference champions/geographical placement. Gone are the days of conference champions ranked 20 or lower playing in these games. Forget about the BE having a tie in for it's champion to any major bowl as no one wants them.

    All second tier bowl games are up for grabs now and those are the ones Jack has to lock ND into multiple options with. I can see us having tie ins to games like the Gator, Cap One, Outback type of bowls with no limit on how many times we can go since the new bowl deals are for 12 years.

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    My luck w/the Irish 20-6...GO IRISH!!!

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  • we are too far ahead of winning consistently to worry about the "final four" or even top ten teams. we need to win and win more convincingly. nobody is going to listen to alot of blarney until we prove it on the field, and i'm not being negative here, just realistic......

    Run the ball. Stop the run. You win, or lose, up front.

  • Your "realistic" isn't in this world. None of the powers to be care about ND "proving it on the field" because ND has for years proven it in the wallets. ND sells. ND spends. ND = money. Which is why ND is wanted by every conference. It isn't because of what they have done the past 20 years.