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The only two things that matter about BK's flirting

  • Lou S said "

    Was Kelly’s interview with the Eagles a breach of loyalty and trust to the Notre Dame community? How do we know he won’t in the future have one eye on the NFL again if or when some internal matters go awry? Is he the classic politician talking out of both sides of his mouth to appease whatever constituency? Is he motivated only by his own interests? "

    All of the above may be true, or not, and our opinions won't have an effect.

    1. What does matter is " Can Kelly get the players to believe completely in him now, " and that is between him and the players.

    2. The effect on non comitted recruits for this year ( you can bet what their " FIRST " question will be ) ! And, the effect on next years recruits ( you can bet what their " First " question will be ) !

    Kelly is clever and he will have a way of spinning the situation, However, the only question is " Will the players and the recruits believe him ?"

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  • There are never any guarantees. Ever. Remember when Weis leveraged the modicum of interest shown by -- I think it was the Packers and the Giants? -- some NFL teams into a 10 year contract extension with a huge buyout? His argument was that other programs were using that as a negative recruiting angle against ND. Well, 4 years later, that buyout didn't stop Weis from leaving Notre Dame - only it was ND exercising that buyout clause...

    So, Kelly left GVSU where he won two D2 national championships for a second tier D1 program CMU. He then left CMU after 3 years for Cincy. He then left an undefeated Cincy team for a 6-6 Notre Dame team. Well, we should've expected this, right? Kelly has success at his new program, and year 3 is a big year that springboards him into the bigger and better job. So, naturally, he looked to the NFL. You can't find a bigger, better job in college football; so, you can only investigate the pros.

    Well, Kelly took a look at the NFL and came back to ND. I think that tells recruits all they need to hear...about Notre Dame. I know kids commit to more than just a program. If we lost an assistant like Alford, it would probably cost us a recruit. But we'd recover, and we'd get kids next year. Why? Because the program is more attractive thanks to the work Kelly has done. Even as terrible as USC is now under Kiffin, elite athletes are STILL committing to that program! Why? Because it was built up well before Kiffin got there.

    A player is only at ND for 5 seasons (maybe 6); so, it doesn't matter if Kelly will be there for 10 years. All that matters now is that Kelly will be there for THIS class's first year. Nothing else is guaranteed, and it'll always be that way.

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  • Believe him? well most people listen to their guts and other schools coaches- and they will say- You know we all can SAY this or that- but the proof is in our actions-

    He being clever is a way of saying he may be telling a bit of a story- Look I think honestly the Eagles did not offer or he was gone and he realized the process was a long one and he had to make a decision...

    Guy will get an earlier start next year or year after on interviewing for league positions- its in his DNA-

    So no most wont believe him- because in the end he doesnt believe it- he flirted because that is his aim and that is not wrong for him- just wrong for the University to have this guy at the helm now...


  • Terrific post illest!!

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  • How was Saban able to interview for an NFL job last year and no one knew about it? Any coach certainly has the right to interview for jobs that will better his career and financial just doesn't need to be so public.

    In this case, Kelly certainly has not closed the door on the NFL the way Saban did this past week

  • No disrespect to this thread, as it has a different twist. However, the plethora of threads & posts insinuating (and factually stating) that BK is a rat for interviewing makes we wonder if ANY of these posters have ever had a professional job that they were good enough at to be approached by a competitor? Jeez....................

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  • Thank you - it's a hobby (maybe obsession?) for us, but it's a job for the coaches. The difference is that other people couldn't care less about our jobs!

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  • Well written - great read. The follow up post by edoyle which you concurred with was equally short and to the point - NOBODY is interested in recruiting/hiring 8-5 success LO! Ask AD Swabrick about that! Other that AA leaving (which didn't surprise me) I'm feeling all is well with current recruiting class and the rest of the team. Let's get to spring ball AND focus on next season! GO IRISH!

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