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This Is Nothing More Than Normal.

  • Because we're fanatics about Notre Dame football, we care. It's been 20 years since our last really good season, and 25 since we won it all. Naturally, when we see a coach who demonstrates the ability to lift us back to so lofty a position, we want him to stay.

    Because we're romantics about Notre Dame football, we're hurt that a coach would even consider another position. Forget the fact that huge numbers of fans wanted to ditch Kelly on five separate occasions last year (the Tulsa game, the USC game, the Stanford game, the FSU game and the Sullivan tragedy). He should not even look at a box with $28 million in it. He should have no desire whatsoever to try his hand in the pro game. To do so is, in our somewhat twisted view, and insult to Notre Dame.

    The truth, though, is that there is nothing abnormal about Kelly's little tryst with the Eagles. Will recruiters try to use it against him? Of course. But, they would do that, anyway. The moment it was learned that the Eagles wanted to speak with him, the annual rumors became inevitable. It's actually better to have a guy who was interviewed and turned the job down. Now, he can say he's been there. Done that. He's seen what the NFL has to offer. He knows how their organizations work. He understands their goals and how they work. After seeing it all, he's decided to finish his career at the University of Notre Dame.

    Now, mind you, I'm not saying that he will coach the Irish until he retires. I'm saying he's in a stronger position to make that claim now than he was last week. So, the only real damage that's been done is to the egos of some fans who might not feel as good about him as they used to, or who might no longer feel very good about him at all. And, about those feelings that some fans might have, I can say little more than "So what?" We'll still be fans. We'll still visit these boards. We'll still buy tickets and tune in. We'll still wear Irish gear. And, we'll still root like kids for the lads we love.

    My only point in posting this is to hope that we can now rise above the name calling, profanity and other unattractive depths to which some have sunk this week. Usually, once a board like this sinks to this level, it fails to recover, as the golden rule is trampled beneath the desire to "get even." My hope, however, is that everyone here will choose to be uncommon.

    I hope I've not offended anyone this week. If I have, I apologize. I hope everyone else can do the same. Let's heal the wounds and return to common ground. Let's be who we ask our coaches and players to be. Let's be Notre Dame men, now and forever who, though we may from time to time lose our way beneath the power of our passions, can then rise again beyond them to the common heart that unites us all.

  • Well put Mr. Rice, as always. Have a great week!

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    Gringo Mafia VP of Guinness Intake, once drank Guinness under the table while drinking Guinness with Guinness! POTW 12/24/12 and 7/8/13

  • Yes Mr Rice, I hope this board and all other message board sites can rise above their feelings of betrayal they have developed over the Kelly flirtation with the Eagles. I too think these feelings are unwarranted but to those who harbor them they are their reality. It seems senseless however to carry them forward . Their is so much to be optimistic about as far as ND's football
    future . Kelly is responsible for the biggest part of this optimism. For those who for whatever reason dislike Kelly, at least acknowledge that much.

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  • Eloquent, as always, my grainy friend. More than a few of us were out of sorts this week. I found myself on the other side of the fence with some of my favorite and most respected posters. It was a week to test the patience of a Tibetan monk.

    I think the reactions could easily be divided into those who were big fans of Brian Kelly and chose not to be concerned; those who looked at it as a normal business practice for any employee; those who dislike Brian Kelly and used it as an opportunity to unload on him after having had to sit on their animosity during the success of the season; and then me, who, as a complete cynic about the coaching profession and the powers-that-be at ND, could let my venom run amuck. Not our finest hour. Certainly not mine.

    But, we've turned that corner. As you suggest, there could be quite a silver lining to be derived from those storm clouds of last week. In fact, I am now more bullish (and piggish) than ever about ND's prospects, moving forward. The biggest problem is the seemingly interminable wait until September.

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    I may not be pretty, but I'm fast..... POTW 1/31/11 - 2/6/11

  • Hammish;

    First, note the clever combination of the Scots and the porcine. Ascribing a moniker rooted in Scots, Irish, Celtic or Gaelic is a granular expression of respect and admiration.

    Second, I believe you're right about the outpouring of venom coming largely from those who have never had a warm fuzzy for Kelly.

    Third, I've grown angry about football in general.

    As a sprout, I loved the summer. It was warm, and moist, and great for growing. Now that I am grown, and have all these years avoided the harvest, I've grown to abhor it. Yes, it's great for golf. But, as you note, the wait for football seems interminable.

    I toyed with the notion of running for president this year. My platform would have been simple, yet more honest, straightforward and practical than Mssrs'. Obama and Romney. I would, by executive decree, require the FCS division (IAA to traditionalists) to start their season in May, and end it September 30. That way, we would have real football from fall camp through New Year's. We would then enjoy the recruiting wrap up and spring ball. Next, we would prepare again for the Irish by picking a small school to follow, with their championships ending just as the meaningless BCS versus no one games come to an end (except in the SEC). My newly imposed equal time doctrine would require ESPN to broadcast a healthy slate of these games each week, includiing all games played by the teams that I and select others choose to watch.

    While some would undoubtedly argue that my platform would solve few of the nations problems, my quick and calm retort would be, "So what? I didn't cause them. And, unlike my opponents', it won't due further harm."

    Want to get into the campaigan management business?

  • Excellent points on all fronts, as usual.

    I say we just officially dub Mr. Rice as The Voice of Reason and cut to the chase.

    POTW 10.1.2012

  • Rice , count Mr in for campaign director for the important swing state of Ohio. On that college football platform I think you can carry the state in '16.

  • Mr Rice

    Let me add to the previous posts that your comments can calm trouble waters. Allowing a bit of time to pass I can see this as a positive when talking to recruits both present and future - it says much about BK's coaching talent that an NFL team would consider him - I rather have that than another 8-5 season! GO IRISH!

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  • A cynical venomous pig? I have seen everything..

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  • Mr. Rice-ish, I've put together our team -- Jack Swarbrick, Lou Somogyi and IFR. Lou will develop your platform, exquisitely researched, underscored by impeccable logic. No one will dare to contradict. IFR will be your speech writer. His prose is dazzling, and he can be paid in beer. Jack will take care of everything else, and no one will know he's doing it. You and I can play golf. I predict you will carry every state except Kentucky, only because they think basketball should be played year round, instead.

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    I may not be pretty, but I'm fast..... POTW 1/31/11 - 2/6/11

  • Looks like we have a team. If we lose Kentucky, we'll tax them for jumbotrons all around!!! And, may I say further to a nation that might think Obama plays too much golf, "You ain't seen nothing yet!!!"