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Tommy Rees does not suck !

  • I keep reading how terrible Tommy is. He can't throw the ball 20 yards. He can't do anything well. We are doomed if he even steps onto the field. Many of you are so intense in your hope for a new QB that you are making Tommy seem like he can't walk and choo bubble gum at the same time. There have been some voices of reason out there who remember that Tommy was only a sophomore, and has, I believe, a 12-4 record as a starter. While he is not the big arm deep threat, he can get the ball down the field 40 yds or so, yet some of you make it seem he can't throw the ball 15 feet. Did he not pass for 19 TD's last year ? Also, who among the returning receiving corp have shown themselves to be a deep threat ?

    I agree that he is not the kind of athlete that we would like to see at QB, but very many posters have annointed the other contenders as being much better, without even seeing them play.
    ( except in a spring game or a short appearance in a game).

    I need to say it again. Tommy was only a sophomore last year and he is the only candidate who has faced the opposition on the field ( except for Hendriks' cameos) We can be judge his athletic ability, but to judge his performance next year based on his last two years is extremely premature. His experience might help him cut down on his biggest problem, turnovers, and make him the best leader that the team can have next fall.

    It is certainly more important or at least as important that we are able to run the football successfully next year against the better teams that we play. ( This is something that we did not do last year and would have made it difficult for Tommy in the big games because our success in those games would have depended more on him that it should have if we ran the ball better)

    I, like most of you, am hoping that one of the other players is so superior to Tommy that they beat him out, but that does not mean that we will definitely do better because the new QB will have a learning curve. If Tommy gives us the best chance to win, so be it. However, I don't agree with those who want to throw the season away in order to build for the next year either,

    Again Tommy does not "suck" as much as so many of you have said. If his performance was in his junior or senior year then he would suck, big time. But, you can't say that about a sophmore, yet. Besides the other guys are getting their chances on the field. If Tommy is the best, then we will have to hope for mature leadership, and few turnovers to complement an "improved" running game and a strong defense.

  • 1.) he's not making the necessary improvements -- sophomore or not.
    2.) he lacks the athletic ability that is PARAMOUNT in the offense BK runs.
    3.) he's a distant 4th (out of 4 QB's) when it comes to innate athletic aptitude.

    Saying he "sucks" is a relative term. There are many times last year when he did suck, though, and no one can disagree with that. He got the starting job as a fluke so we can't act like this was supposed to happen.

    Lastly, his win ceiling is around 8 or 9 games per year...if we want to bring ND back to the days of old then that metric for wins "sucks".

  • Completely agree with that 1616... While the term 'sucks' can be defined many different ways, and I don't necessarily know if Tommy fits any, but he is not the correct fit for what our staff and offense want to accomplish. I watched a replay of the Stanford game yesterday and there was a play inside the five where he tried running and got chased down from behind WITHIN THREE YARDS. This is the aspect of the game that he cannot improve on and because of that, he cannot be our future unless he improved his arm strength ten fold. The concept is simple; we need a multidimensional QB in order to reach the levels we want as an offense and a team and he does not fit that in any way.

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  • Bottom line is if he somehow starts the opening game for us next year then BK and staff feels he absolutely gives them the best chance to win. Rees doesn't have naked pictures of BK and Kelly isn't going to start someone just to start them. I have enough confidence in this staff that they will choose the individual who has performed the very BEST of the group from Spring Ball, throughout summer, and into fall camp. Yes there comes a time.. when you cut the cord with someone if they are only the best of the group on practice days and not in game situations..but we are not quite there yet. We can all clamor for a new guy under center and we can all wish in one hand and $hit in the other.. but if none of the other three guys can clearly "step up" and supplant Rees as starting QB by the Navy game, they have NO ONE to blame but themselves. Kelly has a lot more to lose than us fans if we have mediocre play at the quarterback position, so why in gods name would he put anybody out there that he didn't feel was our very best option at this stage of their careers.
    I truly do hope its one of the other three guys. But if it doesn't happen... I'm not gonna get bent out of shape. Because bottom line, it will be because they couldn't get the job done and prove to the staff they were the better option when clearly they will have had endless opportunities. Whoever is the QB for the mighty Irish, may they lead us to many victories in 2012!!

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  • Sorry, I think he sucks. Or stinks. Or is sub-par. Or is not good. Take whatever term you like. Here is what I think: He is not a BCS caliber QB. And what I mean by that is he is not have the requisite tools to be the starting QB at USC, Texas, Florida, Alabama....and Notre Dame.

    You may disagree. I'm fine with that. I'm comfortable enough in my opinion based on watching each of his performances under center no less than 2 times each to say that I don't think he is good enough to take us to a BCS Bowl...without a top 5 defense or running game to cover up his issues.

    He has a below average arm. Can't run. Hasn't grasped the offense well enough to allow Kelly to use the hurry up tempo consistently. And has thrown a boat load of interceptions at absolutely *crucial* times during big games. I'm not sure what you are looking for in a QB, but I am looking for someone better than that.

    Not trying to be an ass. Just giving my opinion.


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  • The goal of most spread offenses is to force the defense to account for every player on offense and defend the entire field. Tommy Rees is not capable of making defenses do that. He isn't a threat to run so they don't have to account for him. His arm is too weak to make them defend the entire field. The only way he can be succesful at ND is if he is accurate and makes good decisions, but he hasn't shown himself to be capable of either one of those.

    So basically, yes, he has sucked so far as ND's quarterback. He has a history of making bad decisions, he has not been consistently accurate, he does not have a strong arm, and he is not a threat to run the ball.

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  • he's ok but we're looking for a QB that can take us to BCS and NC games. a zero threat to run QB with a mediocre arm is not going to get us there.

    i could win 8 games playing QB with all the talent ND has- we need someone who can win those other 4 games against high ranked teams.

  • I just do not see the tools to be a really good quarterback. I hope I am wrong if he starts but I do not think I am. I do not like bashing him all the time but he has not preformed well in any big game and I think teams now know how to defense him and remember Floyd is not here and the reads might be a bit tougher. Here is hoping that whoever play quarterback is far better than Tommy was last year. I hope we have an improved running game also but not to sure how we will have that. We will know far more after the August practices.

  • m, you're right on the money with everything you said. I've been rooting for Golson since last season ended, but any thinking that Rees has reached the end of his line of development is myopic. If he starts and people still say he sucks, then that means the other three suck worse, at least at this point in their development.

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  • Rees is not good at all, with a good qb ND would have only lost 2 games maybe even 1 last year.

  • 12-4 with losses to Michigan, USC, Stanford, and FSU. The only two solid wins he has that he actually played a part in, was Michigan State and Wake. Usc without Barkley does not count. Neither does a win against an overrated Utah team that got dominated by our D and special teams.

  • I understand everyone has their own opinion on things, and I respect your opinion. You have some valid points. The one thing that I saw (against FSU) that makes me know TR is not the QB I want for this team is when he laid down and curled up like a He showed fear and that is not a good sign for a championship calibur team.

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  • To me, he showed "no fight" on that play. He just laid down like a puppy. There was another play where he tried to run with the ball and seriously looked like a 9 year old carrying the football against men. Unacceptable...IMHO.


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  • Thats the way Rob Johnson use to play QB for the Buffalo Bills.

  • I have seen national championships won with qbs of Tommy's talent and ability, so it can be done. (and yes I have named at least 7 in the last several weeks on this board.)
    I have seen national championships won with qbs of talent and ability of the other three, so it can be done.

    So then who should qb? The one the coaches feel gives the team the best chance to win a national championship.

    However unless all of the others positions play to the level of a national championship team, then the qb doesn't matter anyway.

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