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We're Irish (nearly off topic, but not quite)

  • Hello from Dublin, Ireland. I flew over here in time for the greatest of all holidays and enjoyed some green beer and Irish accents. I even walked around with my beer in hand because it felt natural, like an extension of my own person. Everyone must have expected it also, or at least not objected to it, as I was constantly greeted with smiles. Everyone also seemed fairly cheerful, which baffled me. I wondered why they weren't looking rushed, stressed out, anxious, depressed, tired, etc. like most of the people I'm used to seeing. So I decided to go up to an older gentleman and ask. As I approached, I said "good day, sir. Everybody seems so happy. Why is that? Don't they read the news? Aren't there so many problems in the world?" And he laughed and said, "well, we're Irish!" and kept on walking. I then spotted a young lady emerging from a coffee shop, so I asked her also. "Miss, why is everybody around here so cheerful?" She looked at me as if she couldn't understand why I didn't know the answer already and then said, "we're Irish" and continued on her way. I asked a couple more people and got the same answer, and it started to sink in. This is Ireland. These are the Irish. They're known for things like "Irish eyes are smiling" and "kiss me I'm Irish." You can't get more cheerful than that. Things like a pot of gold and an Irish jig. Kissing, dancing, gold and smiling. So why be down? Why be sarcastic or rude to your neighbor? Why complain about nitpicky things that will all work themselves out in the morning, or the morning after that? Why not just enjoy the beer and smile at your neighbor and remember that "we're Irish."

    So let me hang a little four leaf clover on this message board and say "have a great Irish day!"


    We're al just dust in the wind.

  • Hey just to let you know the Irish and Navy already played,............LOL!! hey man have a great time!! The internet works over there???? Wow....wacky stuff!!

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