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Clausen - looks lost...going backwards; 3rd string

  • Picked up the Panthers game last night against hopeless, inept Miami....
    --- waiting to see Clausen, and if he was still looking "lost" in the NFL

    Ironically, he came in following Newton and Derek Anderson (who Brady Quinn competed against with the Browns).

    What always impressed me about Clausen was his "mechanics"...even back in high school at Oaks Christian,
    --- but at the NFL level he definitely appears to have regressed to the point his "reads" and "timing" are simply not in synch with his receivers.

    Granted, the 3rd string offensive line for the Panthers was a comedy of errors, ... duh? do I need to block? duh? Clausen got "clocked " and I mean smashed several times...
    --- but his pick up of what was happening was way too slow...and he simply never stood tall or moved up to let the flow of the defense pass by...and his moves out of the pocket to the avoid the rush was cumbersome (similar to his first year when he tried to outrun the rush ends only to find out they could run him down).

    The knock on Jimmy even from ND was that he never seemed to "relate", never seemed to provide "leadership" when it counted...more of a "textbook" QB...
    --- if so, and my assumption is that this judgement was and is correct, his future in the NFL doesn't seem very bright.

    Very little translation to this level.

  • I said it in the beginning he should have stayed his senior year. He just wasn't ready, although what we have seen of him since not sure if it would have mattered.

  • Great college qb, never was gonna do much in pro, just like brady quinn, leinert, colt mccoy. I never really cared about what qbs did after college because so few of them play, and much fewer are very good. Let's look at 3 good/great nfl qbs right now. Brady, Roethlisberger, and flacco. Brady was never predicted to do what he did obviously. Roesthlisberger is from miami. of Ohio. He definitely didn't have the success clausen had. And Flacco, he is from like Delaware state or something. Another lesser known example is ryan FItzpatrick, the bills starter. He is out of Harvard

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