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Golsen vs. Kiel next year - one alum's opinion

  • Talked to one of my alum friends (didn't play, but did in HS and follows ND football) this morning about the upcoming NC game...
    --- talk got around to Golsen and Kiel next year and what happens.

    Unlike myself, he saw Kiel play in several games in high school (lives in Chicago)...
    --- not sure if he was the absolute #1 out of high school like Clausen or Sanchez, but definitely the best in Indiana and Illinois.

    In his opinion, he feels that Kiel will make a decision after the Spring Game next year...
    --- if he doesn't get an affirmation from Kelly that he is going to be at least #2 and get a real shot at #1, he will transfer out.

    Furthermore, he feels Kiel will need to buy into Kelly's offensive scheme which has evolved at Notre oriented...
    --- which is different than what he ran at UC.

    I agree about the transfer situation, but I don't agree that Kelly didn't run something very similar to what he did at UC...
    --- here I am looking at how he ran it with Tony Pike in 2008 and 2009..

    In his best years at UC, Tony Pike plus the 2nd QB averaged about 400-450 (depending on what year) passing attempts,
    --- whereas Golsen threw for about 275 this year...and Rees added about 65 for a total of approximately 335
    --- but...this ratio is reasonably close IMO given Golsen's inexperience and our defense, and Kelly's desire to avoid turnovers.

    From my perspective, the scheme was basically the other words, if Golsen could have completed 65%, Kelly would have had him throw 350 attempts...
    --- and most of the games wouldn't have been as close as they were.

    Bottom line, should be interesting regardless.

    This post was edited by 6yardsitko 16 months ago

  • By the way, I did see Pike play at UC...
    --- as i did Massa and Hendrix in high school.

    No way was Massa going to beat out Hendrix at ND....
    --- even though he played on a much better St. X team.

  • I've already explained this to you but you don't listen. I have seen Kiel play. He is good but not great and by no means #1 in the Country as was proclaimed. He is not going to beat out EG......PERIOD. He may and does have a shot at #2 but he will not be #1 until EG has graduated. That is a fact and its time for ND fans to realize this. Kiel is not the second coming...not even close. EG is the man and will remain so until he has graduated or God forbid gets hurt.

  • Even Kiel's highlights on video aren't really that spectacular. He's more mobile than Rees--who isn't--but I don't see him making the plays that Golson made game after game with his feet and his ability to throw on the run.

    The weird thing is that a number of people cannot wait to replace Golson, who led us to a 12-0 record (well, 11-0 when he started). This reminds me of Brady Quinn's senior year, when a number of posters here couldn't wait for Quinn to graduate so we could have that young phenom, Jimmy Clausen, at the helm. Too many people are overly impressed with these recruiting rankings.

  • I think it's safe to say that Golson will be starting here for at least the next 2 seasons and probably 3 given his lack of optimal NFL measurables but I'd love to see him progress into early draft entry discussions. I suspect we will see him bulk up quite a bit this off-season and carry the football more in future years. I'm also expecting him to get a good 10+ carries against Alabama in January depending on how he's accounted for by that Saban defense.u