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Hard to make sense of Irish performance

  • ND played scared. ND played timid. ND played intimidated.I will go as far to say that those feelings of intimidation and inferiority started as the ND players stood and watched Bama walk by them in the tunnel before the game even started. Body language and half hearted performance says it all. The players claimed they didn't buy into ESPN's doomsday predictions but their swagger says different. All the nasty little weaknesses that fans ignored throughout the season were exposed. All the tight games against inferior opponents should have been a red flag instead of a symbol of destiny. What those games should have told us is that ND is not quite ready for Prime Time, but we ignored it all. Lest we forget that ND has been outscored 158-57 in its last 4 BCS type major bowl games. Currently, ND is closer to OSU than Bama. I do think this will not be a one and done situation with ND. Recruiting is great. We are graduating our guys at a mind boggling average. We have something like 7 or 8 returnees on each side of the ball for 2013. EG will get better and Gunner is going to push Golson for the job. What makes me scratch my head is not the loss, but the poor attempt at preventing a blow out loss. This is going to be a long offseason and don't count on the Spring Game to tell us anything. Mark down August 31st.

  • Ween has pretty much summed it up....
    --- right now we just don't match up with the SEC, not even Ole Miss for that matter.

    Anyone who watches the replay of the ND 2012 season realizes this team was as close to 7-5 as it was to 12-0.

  • I'm not sure sure this is a matter of not measuring up against the SEC. Had we been playing Oregon, and had we played the way we did against Alabama, it would have been even worse. We might have given up 70 points.

    We might not be as good as Alabama, but we're not that much worse. We weren't very well prepared, and we played very poorly. Kelly needs to look very closely at this and figure out how a team with as much talent as we have could possibly be beaten as badly as you'd expect a top 50 team to be beaten. I don't have the answer but we'll have to hope Kelly figures it out.

  • Look at the NFL regular season. A team can get blow out by another team the first time they play and then beat them the next time. Look at Minnesota vs Green Bay just last weekend. Every game you play is different - the way you play, the way the opponent plays, momentum, etc. So I do not buy into the superiority of the SEC and Alabama. I jut chalk it up to a great game and gameplan by Alabama, and a bad game and bad gameplan by Notre Dame. If they played again, I would definitely say it is a different outcome. Nobody could say again for sure Alabama would beat them again. Would Alabama win a "playoff series" (like a 5 or 7 game series) - that is probable. But I would put money on it that ND would win some of those games.

  • Yes, I played football/baseball at the D3 level many years ago. I know a little about competition. Bama was stronger, faster, and better on that particular night. ND did not help their situation with missed assignments, poor execution, and so many missed tackles by being out of position and terrible fundementals. That is all on ND.Most of the responibility goes to BK and how he prepared the guys I suppose. I drank the Kool-Aid of a 12-0 season also and I chose to ignore some of the warning signs like everybody else. We looked intimidated and we actually played that way from the 2nd play from scrimmage on. Go ahead, rain on my parade, what evidence do you have that this loss will affect the 2013 season in a negative way. I do believe that if we played Oregon, it might have been worse. We just were not quite ready for prime time, no matter how hard ESPN pushed the idea.

  • The disparity between Alabama and Notre Dame was at multiple levels...
    --- lets not kid ourselves.

    Laying it all on Kelly is ridiculous...they just blew us out completely,
    --- plenty of mistakes all around...from top to bottom.

    Given our schedule next year, and the development of our two QBs...which hopefully occurs,
    --- I don't see this loss being detrimental to making a serious run at another BCS Bowl game and 10-2.

    But we will need to take 3 out of 4 from our major opponents next year to get to the BCS again,
    --- so Michigan at Michigan will give us a big clue on whether Kelly can keep the ball rolling.

  • I believe we can and will. Don't count on missed FGs and a shut down defense to save our behinds next year though. Sooner or later, Special Teams and a consistent offense will have to come into play. My trunk of gold for a speedy WR. I believe our OL will be dependable. One thing is certain, we need a return game. I cannot say it enough. I am going to beat the rush and start to worry about Oklahoma and Stanford now. I am looking at a 1 to 2 loss season for 2013. Our returnees have now played Bama in a BCS title game. Playing in Ann Arbor should not affect their mental state.

  • It's not that you aren't a good team it's just that Bama is alot better. The same could be said for just about everybody at this point. TAMU won because they came in with a game plan that spread the Bama defense taking them by suprise and scoring just enough early to hold on. Kelly didn't have much of a plan. He assumed his defense was a match for the Bama all american line and herd of large and fast running backs. Nick didn't have to have a plan. When you can line up and run the football without fumbling against any defense in America you don't need one. It wasn't so much Nick outcoaching Kelly as it was the Bama starting line up is on a completely different level than ND. In the first half all Nick did most of the time was run it up the middle. A few passes were thrown when they got bored with going straight up the middle for 8 yards a carry.

  • Only one problem with this theory; nobody comes back and beats the SEC the next time... they've won 7 titles in a row. The only team beating the SEC in NCG's in recent history was another SEC team when Bama beat LSU last season.

    If one looks at BCS bowl records by conference, it's quite telling, as those are the results of the best teams from each conference. During the SEC's 7-year run, it looks like this...

    BCS Bowl Game History - Records By Conference

    SEC - 25 games - 7 different teams - 17-8 (.680) - 1 loss was to another SEC team (2011 Bama/LSU NCG)
    P12 - 19 games - 7 different teams - 11-7 (.579) - USC vacated 1 win
    BEA - 15 games - 8 different teams - 8-7 (.533)
    B10 - 26 games - 7 different teams - 11-14 (.423) - tOSU vacated 1 win
    B12 - 20 games - 9 different teams - 8-12 (.400)
    ACC - 16 games - 6 different teams - 3-13 (.188)
    IND - 4 games - 1 different team - 0-4 (.000)

    National Championship Game History By Conference

    SEC - 5 teams have made the game and 5 teams have won - 9-1 (.900) - The lone loss was to another SEC team.
    BEA - 2 teams have made the game and 1 team has won - 1-2 (.333)
    ACC - 1 team has made the game and 1 team has won - 1-2 (.333)
    B10 - 1 team has made the game and 1 team has won - 1-2 (.333)
    B12 - 3 teams have made the game and 2 teams have won - 2-5 (.286)
    P12 - 2 teams have made the game and 0 have won - 0-2 (.000) - The 1 win was vacated by the school and by the BCS.
    IND - 1 team has made game and 0 have won - 0-1 (.000)

    If the same coincidence happens often enough, it's time to concede that it just might not be a coincidence after all.

  • So are you saying that Louisville is a better team than Florida?