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Lennay Kekua told Manti she faked death to evade drug dealers

  • (AP)
    Just when we all thought the story of Manti Te’o’s fake/dead girlfriend couldn’t get any weirder, it, well, does.
    The Honolulu Star-Advertiser posted a story Friday saying Te’o's fictitious girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, called Te’o on Dec. 6 and told he she faked her death to evade drug dealers.
    And we're officially off the rails.
    Te’o and Kekua had been dating since 2011 when Kekua supposedly passed away in September after a short bout with leukemia. Te’o, heartbroken, used several media outlets to tell the story of his girlfriend and the inspiration she provided him, but said this week he did not know she did not exist. He did acknowledge that their relationship was online and on the phone and that he had never actually met Kekua in person.
    So, imagine Te’o’s surprise when Kekua, who has been dead for nearly three months, calls Te’o and tells him her tale of woe.
    According to the article, Kekua – or whoever the person is posing as Kekua – tried to start the relationship back up again, but Te’o was leery of it. He asked Kekua to send him a photo with a date stamp on it so he could verify that was really her. She sent him the photo, but it was not enough to convince him. In the following weeks, he went to his family and coaches and told them he had been the victim of a hoax that began in 2009.
    Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick confirmed Wednesday that Te’o did receive a call on Dec. 6 from a woman he thought to be his deceased girlfriend. Swarbrick also said after the initial call, there were subsequent attempts to restart the relationship.
    It’s difficult to imagine which way this story is going to turn next. Whoever was impersonating Kekua must have had a reason to want to try to restart the relationship knowing it would be risky and Te’o might finally – after three years – find out it was all a scam.
    Unfortunately, with Te’o not talking and lot of questions still floating around about Kekua, Te’o’s involvement in the hoax and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the alleged perpetrator of the hoax, we might never know what really happened.

  • Ya know. The more I am reading about the situation I'm beginning to understand why Swarbrick put his reputation on the line. Still, Manti needs to talk in public and answer questions, and please , not on Oprah.

  • Teo was a victim of a sick hoax played on him for a variety of purposes,and was very naive,

    --- but he doesn't need to talk to the public and answer questions.

    Some people won't believe him regardless of what he does or says.

  • well he interviewed with Schaap of ESPN (audio recording) but you are absolutely right that some people just want to believe ND & Manti are evil no matter what comes out. it's ridiculous

  • People continue to say Te'o should speak, when in fact he has, as you have pointed out.

    Notre Dame football: Te'o: 'There is no way t

    Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Teo on Friday night spoke publicly for the first time about the elaborate hoax in which he was duped into an on-line relationship with a woman, and was later led to believe she had died.,0,5787040.story

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  • I understand he spoke off camera with a lawyer at his side. I don't agree with that strategery. But, it's his life, his hoax, his choice. IMHO, I'd much rather talk about the brawl in the USC locker or just exactly how and why the SEC is dominant in college football.

  • Lawyer or not he answered every question Schaap asked him, which according to Schaap was over 300 in 2 1/2 hours including showing him his cell phone texts. That's a lot of questions and answers. It's not as if the lawyer was instructing him not to answer or he was evading questions.

  • I don't understand the lawyer. There was no crime involved, so why the lawyer? Or was it Manti's agent. I'm not sure. I don't even know why the media is so obsessed with this story. It doesn't even involve them. This is Manti's problem and his embarrassment. One idiot(Chuck Gowdy, ace reporter) from Chicago ABC 7 thought he had a "gotcha" question when he asked Jack S. why the FBI was not called in by ND. Jack replied that it is up to the Teo family since Manti was the one hoaxed....not ND. Plus, why would the FBI get involved when no crime was commited? How do these guys continue to find work?

  • I was waiting for you to show up and straighten us delusional ND fans with your fair and balanced take on everything. I wish we could all put it in perspective like you but I guess we're just clueless. I mean the Letterman top ten joke is like a smoking gun indictment. Keep up the great analysis. Viva Rgunner!!

  • Please dude go away. You are tiring and very frickin annoying.

  • Are you for real? You have never lied to your parents? A lie to hide you from embarrassment? Telling your parents you met someone to avoid further questions on it...whoa, that makes a guy bad for sure. #sarcasm.
    And having an on and off online relationship with someone makes you beyond strange? Not in this day and age it does not.
    You claim to be an ND fan, but most of what you post on here does not support ND. If you want fake, look in a mirror.

  • This post of your does not any sense. Are you claiming Teo was in on the hoax now? At best you are comparing this to a president lying under oath. You are delusional yourself. Get real. Telling someone you met someone in person when in fact you only met online is in your opinion like lying under oath, as the president of the US, that you had inappropriate relations?
    As far as you saying Lou Holtz even questioned it (you said this on another post)...I saw the Hannity report and you are incorrect. Lou had questions that needed answered. As did all of us. Those questions are answered. And Lou also said he believed ND and Manti 100%.
    Did I say it was not a strange story? Or are you like the media and making up things you think are true? Look at my post again. I was backing up that this does not make Manti to be someone that is strange and deeply troubled. Incredible how you just twisted something I said and made it into something different.
    You are no true fan. If I am drinking Kool Aid because I believe Manti and ND's side of the story, then it is one great Kool Aid to drink.

    This post has been edited 3 times, most recently by TheHawkND 15 months ago

  • Clinton did lie under oath in his civil trial. Look it up.
    But the point is you are comparing Manti lying to his parents about meeting a girl to the president lying. Wow! That is quite a stretch. It is really immaterial whether under oath or not...Teo is not the president and this in no way even remotely compares!
    And I just read the Holtz interview again, and it is clear that he is supporting Manti. Remember at the time Manti had not given all the answers, only what ND had said. By believing in what ND stood by he is standing by Manti, and this is even mentioned when Lou says he believes him...which to me means Manti. Does that make Manti bigger than ND because your AD supports and defends you? I am glad you are not my friend, because I have a feeling you would be the first to throw me under a bus if someone made up a rumor about me.

    This post has been edited 2 times, most recently by TheHawkND 15 months ago

  • This guys the biggest troll. Anything positive about ND upsets him and anything negative gets his juices flowing. He's in heaven right now. Don't ruin his buzz

  • Is there any proof of this background? I want papers. If you're holding Manti to this level of honesty, I expect you to back your talk up too. You see, I can just say I was a hero or a legacy or any damn thing I want. Doesn't make it true. Viva the Truth!! Down with Liars!!

  • This is obviously true. And yet I heard one commentator indicate that the Notre Dame football program is involved in a huge scandal. I've heard Te'o compared to Tiger Woods and his philandering and Lance Armstrong and his PED's. Give me a break.

    People in the media are also taking it as an obvious motivation that Te'o "did it" to win the Heisman. How ridiculous is this? He didn't become a realistic Heisman candidate until late in the season, months or years after starting this relationship, and as a defensive player his Heisman candidacy came out of the blue and was as a result of a very unexpected set of circumstances. It is absurd that he would set this up. And how would this lie help him win the Heisman? The guy who won it is DUIing, drinking, gambling, etc. Girlfriend stories don't make any difference.

    And I love the "Notre Dame was in on it" thing. This is ND, who never lifts a finger to push a Heisman candidate--no campaign, no brochure, no poster in Times Square, nothing. They'd suddenly help cookup a bizarre hoax which clearly would get discovered sooner or later. Then they would hire a private investigative firm, then lie about what it found. How gullible can people be?

    But this just goes to show that you cannot believe much of what you read in the modern media.

  • rgunner, perhaps the difference in what we feel is due to the fact that I see Manti as the victim. I do not think he was involved in this hoax at all. The lies that you keep talking about from Manti are nothing more that Manti tying to cover up embarrassment and questions from his parents about only knowing this girl online. I do not feel Manti had any malacious intentions by allowing his parents to believe this, and not setting the story straight in he media. Manti has a track record of being a good football player, and an even BETTER human being. Anyone involved with him has had nothing but good things to say. This does not happen if Manti is faking it. Faking being a good person when really he is really just a lying, deceitful person at his core. Wrong. So I can forgive a person, someone with proven integrity, if they mislead someone on a story that never was intended to do any harm to anyone. Perhaps you cannot, rgunner, perhaps you cannot. Perhaps this one issue in your mind wipes out his lifetime of good deeds. Perhaps you just cannot fathom how someone could get caught up in an online relationship. While I never had his happen personally, I try to put myself in his place. And examining that I find that more than likely I would have been led down the same path and made similar choices. So in your mind I am a horrible, deceitful, and crazy sinner who is comparable to the president of the US lying to the world. And you would think I represent ND in a bad way.
    But you would be wrong.

  • Rgunner,
    If you are indeed a veteran we all thank you for your service, but I'm still confused as to what that has to do with the Manti story. Moreover, I don't understand how bsing about your girlfriend is a court-martialable offense.

    As far as I can tell, you clearly don't like anything about ND, based on what you've actually posted many many times over here over the last few months. yet when your allegiance is questioned you suddenly claim undying love for the school?

    And how is having a conversation on the board considered stalking? If anyone is getting catfished, it's this board by you and your alleged love of ND with all evidence to the contrary. I'm entitled to my opinion about you, just like your plethora of stated opinions about us delusional ND fans.

  • This story is indeed strange and getting stranger. I'm starting to actually think that Manti is a victim as well.

    But I have questions: #1: Manti met Kekua at Stanford in 2009 and travelled to Hawaii with her on several occasions according to the South Bend newspaper (don't recall the name). Manti's father claimed that he himself met her. NOW Manti is saying the entire relationship was online? Someone, please, help me on this one.

    Question #2: How is someone you've only chatted with online the "love of your life"?

    Question #3: If she were the "love of his life" why was he seeing other woman on the ND campus?

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    "I never knew I had a foot until I noticed it was on your neck"

  • It was definitely a hoax on Manti. The more others talk about it, the more it is confirmed. Just saw an article where Manti's bishop confirms that while he was with Manti on several occasions visiting that he too spoke with "Kekua" on the phone when she would call Manti.

    1. Manti's father said that Teo met. Manti's father was wrong. Manti had told his dad at one point that he met her. He lied to his dad about this, mainly to avoid more questions about it from his parent's and have his parent's try to shut the relationship down. (Hmmm....parent's sometimes do know what is usually find this out after the fact.)

    2. How did pen pals from the past meet and get married? How do people have online relationships now and then meet and get married? Communication runs deep.

    3. They were kind of on and off for most of the time between 2010 and 2012 (I think) when she faked the car crash.

    My gosh dude, read and watch the ESPN interview! He answered all of Shaap's questions. Shaap afterwards was convinced it was a hoaz on Manti.

    Even the biggest haters like you have to realize it was a hoax on Manti now and he was the victim. Some will never believe though because of their hatred for anything ND.

  • I would not call myself a hater. I'm trying to figure out this whole mess just like everybody else.
    As I said, I'm starting to believe it was a hoax (I do think he milked it for publicity, though; if not, I wonder about his intelligence--not trying to flame). So, just to confirm Manti absolutely did NOT meet her? What about the alleged trips to Hawaii?

    I agree with your point about pen pals and online "affairs," but after 3 years and still not meeting the other person!? I understand he tried to meet her but she but she always had an excuse why she couldn't show. Is this true?

    I don't hate ND. I'm too busy hating UF and UM.

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    "I never knew I had a foot until I noticed it was on your neck"

  • From other posts you were really bashing Manti without knowing the facts. I do not claim to know the entire story either. But you need to watch the ESPN interview.
    To confirm, from his report and ND's report - he never truly met her in person. Did he tell his father he did? Yes. Did he set the record straight about that? No. He is guilty of that.
    It is true that multiple times he tried to meet her and she would not show or make up some excuse. Also, every time they went to skype all he saw was the "black box". All of this info I got from the ND reports or the Manti interview.

    Read this article that just came out:

  • You're right. I did bash him. I, like most of the nation, jumped to conclusions. It was unfair. But, it's not because I'm a ND hater.

    Having said that, I still don't understand how he could've been victimized him for so long without knowing it. It still doesn't add up.

    To what extent do you think this was a distraction to him and his teammates during the MNC?

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    "I never knew I had a foot until I noticed it was on your neck"

  • Well, at least you are man enough to admit what you did was wrong. I respect that. I think we will need to see the interview coming up with him to understand completely (he is to speak on ABC). Did you watch the ESPN video (there is a link on this board). Also, did you read the article I posted above? While Manti was victimized for a while, he says the relationship was not constant for the whole period of time.

    About the NC game - Manti says the right thing - he says it did not affect his play. Did it though? I don't think anyone will ever truly know. I think it could have affected his preparation, which could have led to some of his bad play. This was clearly weighing on his mind in December and up to championship game.

  • Once again you show your true colors rgunner.
    You would rather watch character assassination video's of Manti than look at the facts. Of course people will mock him and make fun of him. It is the sad side of human nature. Happens all the time. Manti was the victim of a hoax, and now he will pay for it because people like to knock people down (people like you, I might add). How many video's are there of people mocking Tim Tebow?
    Look at all the new articles coming out. Everyone speaking backs up the fact that Manti, along with many others involved (including those speaking out), were tricked.
    The media storm is dying down...why? Because there is nothing behind the story more than Manti getting "Catfished". The media would have loved Manti to have been in on have ND involved in an elaborate cover up...but guess what, that story is not there. It is no true.
    rgunner, why don't you find a new team to talk about. Your posts back up that you are not a true ND fan. Quit trying to pretend that you are one. If you still claim to be a ND fan, stop fooling yourself. Have fun laughing at Manti and ND while watching made up YouTube Videos. Lot's of anti-ND people will be laughing right along with you. But I try to take the high road, and I have no reason to look on YouTube to get the obvious. The obvious is that Manti was a victim of an elaborate hoax that spun a broad web.
    When someone is knocked down and stepped on, some people will make a video, post it on YouTube, and laugh at it. Others will extend their hand, help him up, and see if he is okay. Which of those people are you?