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SEC Bowl Schedule for Georgia, Florida - get real SEC, a joke

  • In an serious attempt to promote the SEC as the "best"...

    --- ESPN in collaboration with the BCS has guaranteed the SEC runner ups with two wins.

    Yes, they could have gone up against Oregon and Kansas State in some "real" games, but oh no, SEC and ESPN can't have that.

    Georgia plays hapless Nebraska...
    --- losers without a defense who gave up 69 points to OSU and 70 to the same year no less.

    Florida, supposedly the #3 team in college football, plays even more hapless Louisville,
    --- who is simply in the bottom end of the Top 25 because it is mandatory to place the Big East champion somewhere, anywhere, in the Top 25.

    And LSU (4) plays Clemson, who has already lost to South Carolina, but it might be close given Miles.

  • That is because it will make it easier for them all to be ranked in preseason top 10 next year. I guarantee you there will be 5-7 SEC teams in top 10 next August. Then when they lose to each other, they will only drop 2-3 spots and stay in the top 10. It's a fool proof system to make sure an SEC team gets to the NCG, and in two years, will guarantee at least 2 SEC teams in the 4 team playoffs.

  • It would be nice if when the playoff format begins in a couple of years only 1 team from a conference could be in the "playoff." Enough with all these high rankings for SEC teams who really don't earn them by playing top teams from other BCS conferences. If they want to win the national championships they'll just have to win their conference first.

  • You hit the nail right on the head.

  • It's interesting to me that you don't really hear a lot of complaints by Kansas State or Oregon about not getting into the NC game. Both lost only 1 game and neither lost to an SEC team. I guess they have bought into this whole SEC thing as well.

    Of course, the Notre Dame-Alabama game is one a lot of people wanted to see.

  • Most people and the TV revenues dictate that Alabama play ND...
    --- not Oregon vs ND or KSU vs. ND.

  • The SEC has been a great conference in past years, but 2012 is not one of them...

    Let's set up a bowl schedule where the SEC teams behind Bama are playing their "equivalents" Oregon and KSU...
    --- obviously they aren't.

    Is this "contrived" to make the SEC look really good?
    --- it looks like that to me.

    But perhaps Louisville is really better than I think.

  • On the other hand, the only bowl game besides the championship game which is remotely interesting is probably the Fiesta Bowl. This is the system we have.

  • OP and others are probably unaware that only two teams from a conference can go to a BCS bowl. Georgia, LSU, USCe, aTm have to go to non-BCS bowls. Because the rules of the selection procedure dictate, Florida gets a lesser opponent--and because the above mentioned teams cannot go to BCS bowls, they also get lesser opponents. Only Alabama gets an elite opponent--and they're favored for that game!

    Think about what's going on here....Posters are dissing the SEC, saying that they're ducking competition. The SEC teams have to play each other all year, and some of them--like Alabama, always schedule a quality out-of -conference opponent. This year that opponent was Michigan, which was expected to be good. Not Alabama's fault that Michigan was just an ordinary, pretty good team this year. Name another conference that could pit their best team against the SEC's best, their second best against the SEC's second best, etc, all the way down to 7 or 8 teams? The Big 12? B1G? ACC? Don't make me laugh!

    To ND's credit they scheduled a monster list of opponents this year and a\were getting away from scheduling the service academies, Pitt, Northwestern, Purdue et al. Not ND's fault that USC, Michigan, MSU didn't meet expectations. So what's going to happen now? They're gonna play 5 ACC teams a year! Talk about ducking competition! Bama (and the rest of the SEC) has owned the ACC and B1G. If they scheduled 5 ACC teams a year, the rest of the CFB world would be howling.

    ND went undefeated this year and beat Stanford. I respect that. I hate to tell you guys that if ND played in the SEC, they'd be competitive but not dominant. This year they'd probably finish second or third in either division.

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  • That is the point, really. To "prove" SEC teams are the best you have to first accept that SEC teams are the best, since they mainly beat each other and have a minimal number of significant wins over top teams from other conferences. If they are so superior, and themselves have confidence that they are, they they ought to be using their non-conference games to play a couple of the best teams outside their conference instead of ridiculous games against FCS schools and the like.

  • Pat, you make me laugh.

    Do you not recall that the last six national championships were won by SEC teams, FOUR different teams? This may come as news to you, but all but one of them were won against the best out-of-conference teams available. Last year there wasn't even a worthy opponent for the SEC champ except in its own conference. You want to look at bowl game results? You'll find not just competiveness, but domination. Oh, wait, yeah, SEC arranges to duck the competition in the bowls, reminiscent of ND back in the day when they didn't go to bowls! SEC teams especially feast on teams from the ACC and B1G--the same poor suckers ND consorts with.

    To your credit, ND is 5-1 against Alabama, and three of those victories coming during Alabama's very best years.. Also to your credit, this year's schedule was impressive. It's not ND's fault that the its opponents didn't live up to their billing. A stupid comment would be that ND ducked the competition in its scheduling, but that would be as stupid as the charge that the SEC arranged a soft bowl season this year.

    The comments made by some of the posters above are spectacularly ignorant because the ignore the simple fact that we can send only two teams to BCS bowls. Those are the rules. SEC had no part in making N. Illinois eligible for a berth. If the midwest teams where good enough to qualify, no way N. Illinois would be taking up a spot in the BCS.

    I know the rest of the country is tiring of the SEC. I know I would be if, say, the B1G was dominant for so many years. Like many other SEC fans, I'm looking forward to the 4-team format that's coming. You'll find teams like ND and Ohio State eliminated in the preliminary round and two SEC teams duking it out in the championship game--just like last year.

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  • Keep running that mouth. That's all I want these kids to hear so they'll be ready to knock you off your high horse. You were already beat by a team from the Big 12 last year so it'll be interesting how you can handle more reality. The fact is every 1 loss SEC team gets a chance that other conferences don't. And don't kid yourself you have plenty of bottom feeders in the SEC as well. The bottom line is this will be settled on the field so just go back to Crimson Country where you boys can all stroke each other and tell each other how great you are and stop coming here pissing off ND fans.

  • Hey pal, I didn't come here to crow, and I'm aware of Alabma's record against ND. There have been some damn fine games played in the past between the two teams. (I'm old enough to remember them and attended one of them). Referring to ND as 'elite' and saying that ND would be 'competitive' in the SEC isn't exactly slander. I didn't come to crow. If I didn't think it was possible that Alabama might lose this game, I wouldn't be as excited about it as I am, and I wouldn't be poking around here on this site.

    I came across this incredible thread which ignores the way BCS bowl teams are actually selected. Taking the place of reason illuminated by facts is this series of delusional thinking about the SEC. Go ahead, think what you want to think.

    As far as what's going to be 'settled', there's nothing to settle between you and me, we just pull for two different teams.

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  • Frank, ND has been scheduling Mich St, Mich and USC for decades. They have Oklahoma next year and Texas the next couple. 5 ACC opponents in the future was a concession they had to make to bring in their basketball program into ACC after the Big East implosion. However, I'm not worried about ND's SOS versus an SEC team. A few ACC cupcakes is nothing worse than bottom feeders such as W Kentucky, Florida Atl, W Carolina (or even Auburn or Arkansas with the year they had) that Bama scheduled this year.

    Although I realize everything posted here isn't gold, you did come on this board and 1) call people "spectacularly ignorant" and "delusional" ; 2) prognosticate about how we'll " find teams like ND and Ohio State eliminated in the preliminary round and two SEC teams duking it out in the championship game--just like last year" about he new playoff format, and 3) inform us that our undefeated team this year would " finish second or third in either division" of the SEC. I hope you're not so out of touch as to not realize the above qualifies as not only "crowing" but quite arrogant.

    Maybe ND got lucky a few games but, for the same token, Alabama should really feel lucky it was picked as the 1 loss team to make it in. I respect Alabama and a few teams in the SEC but there's no question that ND earned its way into the title game based on winning out and it's schedule. Keep in mind, your league was far from murderer's row this year so there's absolutely no basis for you to think ND wasn't capable of winning out with your schedule.

  • This has gone on for years. They seem to love keeping the SEC away from teams that might beat them. When it backfires let the excuses roll. "They lost due to disappointment of not making the NC game".