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Tommy's Performance -- Have to give him credit

  • If Hendrix does transfer, they'll probably just move Massa back to QB.
    Go look at Massa's highlight reel. He's pretty darn good.
    DC will only get a 5th if there is a scholarship left after all other needs are met.

  • DC probably graduates and goes Div 1AA for a year, a la Joe Flacco at Delaware.......

  • or a D1 team with a prostyle offense that doesn't have a QB as good as DC.
    Either way, if he has a stellar season, he may have a future in the NFL.

  • Nice write-up, patH72. There are just a few points you make that I don't share: I believe Tommy has mobility enough to extend plays and 'could' pick up some yards for us (in the 5-7 yard range) if needed. I caveat the "could" because, IMHO, it's by design that he's not taking off and getting banged up due to the depth behind him.

    Peyton Manning is probably the least fleet of foot QB out there but, arguably, the best QB out there. While Tommy is no Peyton Manning, for sure, he does exhibit a lot of Peyton's qualities in reading the defense, stepping up in the pocket and a VERY quick release. That has cut down on PM's sacks over the years and is doing the same for TR now.

    Coach Kelly has on several occasions spoken of Tommy's football IQ and that's a pretty decent compliment coming from him. This is only Tommy's sixth start and he has played well enough to win all six even though the records show 5-1 for him. But, even at 5-1 that's pretty darn good for any new QB let alone a kid that just turned 19. My personal opinion is that we have something really special in TR and we'll get to see it play out over the next several years.

  • My gut feeling is this. I watch Oregon football; the U. of O. is my former employer. They are scoring more than 50 points per game. This is not only because they run a creative, uptempo offense, but because they have a fast, mobile quarterback (Darron Thomas) who can throw quite well (374 yards in last year's NC game) coupled with a fast, explosive running back (LaMichael James) who's a threat to take it all the way on every carry. This is fun to watch and it's effective. And they use their young players right away; James played extensively as a freshman and current freshman De'Anthony Thomas has already had a monster game this season.

    The thing is, we have the ingredients to do this, too. We have Golson at QB and Atkinson at running back. They match Thomas and James in speed. Can't we at least see if these guys could be a little more explosive than what we've got? If it doesn't work out, we have other solid players; I respect Tommy Rees. But knowing we have these guys and all they do is warm the bench is frustrating to me.

  • I hear what you are saying, patH72. My thoughts are that BK is feeling the heat of the most highly scrutinized job in CFB and is taking a calculated approach with using Tommy. TR may not be flashy but he gets the job done in the W/L column. BK realizes that's all you have to do at ND - win football games. Plus, BK would look like an idiot of a coach if he started Golson and had to yank him because he wasn't ready or left him in and we lost when we have a proven winner in TR sitting on the bench.

    BK recruited Golson to play the style of offense he wants to coach at ND. And, it's my belief that TR "probably" would never have been recruited by BK but it is what it is right now and BK is making the best of what he has available to him right now, IMHO. I look for EG to red-shirt this year which will get all three of his young QB's on different years of eligibility. No offense but, ND is a much more high profile than Oregon and every last detail of every game is critiqued to the enth degree...until BK gets established, I don't look for him to make unsound decisions on which QB to play. That said, starting Dayne this year was an unsound decision in my opinion (and many other fan's opinions) and I don't look for him to appear flip-floppy on deciding who his starting QB will be this year.

  • of course Darron Thomas didn't start at Oregon until he his 3rd year with the Ducks (I would imagine if Golson is really that good he will be starting in his 3rd season at Notre Dame also) and also Notre Dame doesn't buy players so let's hope there aren't too many Notre Dame/Oregon comparisons made in the future

    Let's also hope that Golson isn't repeatedly pulled over in cars where they have to search for drugs because of the marijuana smoke coming from the car (which has happened to Thomas twice)

  • That would be an effective comeback if it weren't for the fact that a bunch of Notre Dame football and basketball players have been in trouble for drug and/or alcohol problems in the last few years, including some of our best players like Michael Floyd, Jimmy Clausen, Mike Ragone, Kyle McAlarney, etc. Oregon's Thomas hasn't been charged with, or accused of, anything at all.

    The comparisons are instructive because Oregon is, football wise, where Notre Dame wants to get to. Brian Kelly, who is a friend of Chip Kelly, supposedly set out to run a version of the uptempo spread pioneered by Chip and further developed at Oregon. One of the reasons it would be great to see Golson in action is that Eric Hansen, the SB Tribune football beat writer, indicates that ND is not running the uptempo offense we planned because Kelly doesn't think Rees can handle that. Also, since both teams in the NC game last year had mobile, athletic quarterbacks, and since Notre Dame's last NC team had one as well, it's worth a look.

  • so when did we pay a recruit $25k to come to Notre Dame ... oh yeah we are exactly like Oregon ... as I stated before let's hope Golson is nothing like Darron Thomas off the field and let's hope his 3rd season at Notre Dame is as good as Thomas' 3rd season was at Oregon... until then let's just hold off on the comparisons ... you act like Thomas was a true frosh last year

    shocking that a school who pays a recruit $25k can manage to avoid having their star player arrested ... hmm I wonder how that happens ...

    you root for the Ducks, I'll continue rooting for Notre Dame ...

    this explains a lot of your negative Notre Dame posts

    This post was edited by mh2365 3 years ago