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Wednesday Feb. 8 Coffee

  • Does Brady miss Weis????

    Yeah he had a great season BUT in playoffs he made some big time bone head plays! You know plays that Crist got benched for. Who starts the SUPER BOWL with a safety on a crazy call with noone open????? You could easily argue that play lost the game. You gotta admit the Pats WON Super Bowls with Charlie Weis as OC!!!

  • I think he misses a couple quality wide outs more than he misses ole Charlie.

  • With National Signing Day come and gone, the vast majority of programs around the country have closed the book on their 2012 class and are making preparations to recruit the next crop of young football stars.

    A few players still remain undeclared and unsigned (Davonte Neal---we could use you), but for the most part, what you see now is what you're going to get from our rivals.

    Important note: Before we get started let's agree not to turn this into a discussion about who is and who is not a rival to Notre Dame. Save those arguments for another day. If it makes you feel better, think of these as "teams of interest" because the Irish play them so often.

    2012 Recruiting Classes: How Did Notre Dame's

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  • rish focus on speed, athleticism with recruiting class

    Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly and his staff welcomed a celebrated class of 16 student-athletes on national signing day. Even though coveted wide receiver Deontay Greenberry, the California high school player of the year and a four star recruit from Fresno, CA’s Washington Union H.S., changed his mind Tuesday evening and decided to attend the University of Houston, Kelly was proud of what his staff accomplished with this recruiting haul.

    Notre Dame Lands Top 20 Recruiting C
    Rnthusiasm is something I have been blessed with. In every aspect of my
    life I have always looked forward with the knowledge that things were
    going to be better. I knew that 2012 would be a tough year, a year of
    change and a year of learning--all leading up to a great 2013. But
    now I am convinced that 2012 is going to be a very exciting year as
    well. Damn the schedule, FULL SPEAD AHEAD.

    The other day KEITH ARNOLD wrote that he was very excited about the
    offense in CHUCK MARTIN's hands. Today there is an excellent post on
    another site about CHUCK MARTIN's way of coaching a spread offense.

    COACH KELLY did what he had to do to win as many games as he could with
    the players he inherited. He was not happy with the offense last year,
    in fact he was very upset. He dumped the entire offensive coaching
    staff and replaced it with new blood---different thinking is evident.

    CHUCK MARTIN is a very enthusiastic guy---he will have the offense
    jumping. When he was head coach at GRAND VALLEY he ran a spread with more
    running than passing. He most likely will do the same here.

    With EVERETT GOLSON starting the possibility of the QB running will be a
    sure thing. The RBs will be quick and fast. The OL will be opening
    holes. The passing game will still be wide open, but there will be more
    down field passes to fast young lads who can jump out of the stadium.

    I have felt this way for a few months now and I hope my enthusiasm
    is contageous. Onward and upward,lads---Once more into the breach.

    2012 be damned---BRING IT ON.

  • Robert Frost said,

    "Nothing worthwhile in life has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm".

    Enthusiasm is a synonym for passion and in life if any person or people bring a passionate sprit into any undertaking the chances of success are magnified times many. Sure, in any endeavor you need skill, discipline, desire and the right people to pull it off, but if those same people are led by a passionate person who shows vigor and intensity to the job at hand it amazes me the level at which good people can rise.

    The 2012 schedule is daunting, likely the strongest SOS in D1 football, but isn't that what kids come to Notre Dame to experience. The challenge set before this team is part of why you approach this goal with the vigor I speak of. Winning is easy when the goals are low; it is also unsatisfying to winners who strive for more.

    The sweet smell of victory surrounds us, the glory of great accomplishments propels us and the reality of extraordinary success is what makes Notre Dame special.

    Go Irish!

  • I like your enthusiasm; I agree that the 2012 season should be exciting, and that we should be competitive in every game.

    We do have some "issues" though on both sides of the ball, and on special teams, that will be challenges to overcome. First I should back up by saying that I'm not sure I agree that Kelly "cleaned out the offensive staff." From what I have read, Molnar left to take the UMASS position which was a promotion for him; he was not "dumped" to the best of my knowledge; and Warriner, OL, and Hinton, RBs, left really unexpectedly to go to Ohio State; in no sense, really, do they seem to have been "dumped." It was a shock really when they left.

    On offense, we have some promise, but significant issues also. RB has more depth, but no power back really, and no explosive speed. WR is sort of "weak" IMO, and a starting lineup of Goodman, Toma, and TJ Jones does not provide us with explosiveness, nor, IMO, with all that much athletic talent either at the position.

    QB is obviously unsettled; while there is potential there, no one really has stepped up his game at this point so as to indicate that he is a sure bet contributor for next year. Golson has great promise, but can he really do it? No one knows for sure at this point. Hendrix has promise also, but can he make those quick decisions necessary to be a great qb? Again, we don't know. Rees seems to have regressed from year 1 to year 2? Can he improve in the off season and be a contributor? Again, unknown. Kiel has promise, but it's rare for a freshman to come in and be a major contributor in Div 1 football. So I don't think we'd want to pin our hopes on him for year 1 of his stay at ND.

    The OL, while improving, needs to be better still IMO; they did not do well really against the better teams such as USC, Stanford, and FL State. They need to be, IMO, bigger, faster, stronger and more athletic.

    On defense, we start luckily with a very fine DL with good depth there. LB, to me, was a weak position last year, with only Manti playing at a high level. IMO, we were not fast at LB in general, we couldn't tackle, and we couldn't cover. We seemingly need to get a lot better there.

    We lost 3 of our 4 starters in the defensive backfield, so we'll really be young there; we have potential, but this is not a strong area of the team IMO as we look at things here in Feb.

    Our special teams were fair at best last year. Punt returns were especially atrocious, though punt coverage, and kickoff coverage, except for a few breakdowns, were pretty good; and kickoff returns were good. Our punting was average at best, and our place-kicking was not up to the standards established in the previous year; and Ruffer is now gone, so who knows how things will be this year?

    Anyway, there is promise for 2012, but many issues that need to be resolved also.


    Beautifully written post on passion and leadership and what these can accomplish; well done !