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Another Political Thread.

  • Ahh, must be election season. A season in which every message board around the world, regardless of its intended use, will have political threads started; every network will be crammed full of hateful ads pitting Americans versus Americans; every dinner will be interrupted with phone calls from political party X thinking what they have to say is more important than that tasty chicken I was eating.

    I don't get it.

    And I know, I know - don't watch the ads, don't answer the phone, and don't read a thread that is clearly political, based on the thread title. Call it morbid curiosity. Reading a political thread is like slowing down to check out the wreck on the highway. What you could see in the tangled mess that used to be a car might make you sick to your stomach - but you look anyway. Same thing with political threads.

    However, political threads are always the same things. Republicans blaming Democrats and Democrats blaming Republicans. Just like all the ads. It's as if a Republican writes something and expects a Democrat to come back with, "Oh sh*t - really? I'm now a Republican." Same with Democrats. We get it. Republicans blame everything on Obama (shocking), claim that all they do in life is for God, define the definition of hypocrit, think that multi-millionaires best represent this country, and - if you disagree with them - you're probably going to hell.

    Democrats? They blame everything on Bush (shocking again), think that inmates using my tax dollars to complain about TV channels in their cells is ok, and are too concerned with the rights of terrorists to worry about petty things such as half the families in this country losing their homes to foreclosure.

    Neither party has represented the average American. For a long, long time. We need to take "Jack," a steel worker in some plant in Falling Apart, Ohio and make him President. Jack is the one who has watched everything in his town shut down. Jack has seen his friends lose their houses. Jack watched fellow employess he has worked with for years lose their jobs to (insert Asian/Middle Eastern country here). Jack hasn't seen his wife much lately - ever since she got a second job to keep Fannie Mae from taking their house. Jack can't afford health care, a desperately needed new car, nice things for his wife and kids, vacations, taxes, or a Social Security program his kids have little chance of benefitting in.

    And after his seventh day in a row of 12-hour work days, Jack turns on the TV to see multi-millionaire 1 b*tch and whine about multi-millionaire 2. From his beach house. Kids in the background playing in the ocean. Multi-millionaire 2 strikes back with the problems multi-millionaire 1 has caused. Then gets in his helicopter.

    Doesn't matter who wins. America loses.

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  • yep

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  • And Jack has belonged to a union who has donated his dues to a Democratic candidate who most likely will speak union speak but take big money from the huge corporations in a NY minute. This same Jack belongs to a union who's leadership is agenda/political driven with complete access to the union coffers. Jack has belonged to a union who has negotiated themselves right out of jobs.Jack belongs to a union who's conservative views will not be tolerated. I know Jack personally because I am Jack. I am a lifelong union member and union negotiator. I've worked in the bowels of the steelmills and refineries of NW Indiana. By millionaire #1 and millionaire #2, I assume that means Hollywood millionaire (Tom Hanks/Sean Penn/Sammy L Jackson/Ron Howard/George Clooney) and music millionaire (The Boss/ Elvis Costello/ David Crosby/ Madonna/Lady Gaga). Don''t begin to use my life as a poor example of your own agenda. You know nothing about what it is really like working the mills and refineries while serving as a union rep. My life is real, not some parable that was intended to make you look wise.

  • I suggest you go back and read my post, because it's apparent that you started reading it, then got lost in some self-loathing nonsense and ended up having no clue what was even written. Here are some things you need to know:

    A. Jack isn't in a union. How do I know this? Because I created Jack. You can't take my Jack and make his some pitiful version of whatever your idiotic, failed point is.
    B. By millionaire 1 and millionaire 2, I mean the two presidential hopefuls. A third grade education would have made that extremely clear to the common reader.
    C. You asked me not to use your life. I didn't. You did. In a probably-not-the-first-time moment of self-pity, you turned Jack into you and ran with that. My Jack is a simple, middle class worker who seems to be ignored by both parties (the millionaires). You're ignored because you're weird.

    * Sole Member of Loner Monkey Gang * 11-Time Winner of POTW Award * Does Not Give A Sh*t

  • I realize you don't get challenged on the Premium site and you carry the mantle as a message board legend. None of that unimportant garbage matters to me. I can read and I have great comprehension skills. I made my Jack a real person, not some cartoon that you made up. Come up to the steel mills and refineries of NW Indiana sometime.Those union guys don't give a rat's behind on how clever you think you are and they don't care about your little stories. They live in the real world and worrying about the rich won't add one single penny to their own bank account. This class envy routine is encouraged by their own leadership and nitwits like you. Idiotic Government regulations and unrealistic union demands have bargained Jack right out of a job. This just didn't start yesterday. A passerby once asked a man why he jumped on a cactus and he replied that it sounded like a good idea at the time. That pretty much sums up your feeble attempt at being clever. I'm not wasting anymore time on this thread so have at it.

  • My advice to you is to come up with your own "little story" about unions. My story had nothing to do with unions. Nothing. Never mentioned. Never brought up. Never discussed. Jack (who is now, apparently, a cartoon) is not in a union. Never has been. Isn't interested in unions and doesn't live in NW Indiana. You may find this hard to believe, but there are millions and millions of hard-working, middle class Americans who have never been - and never will be - affiliated with any union.

    You'll probably find my "little story" makes a lot more sense if you can ever find the ability to not attach the word union to any topic involving politics. Furthermore, I find it ironic that someone who accuses another person of a "feeble attempt at humor" would, in turn, try to make a point by having some strange guy jump on a cactus. Dude shouldn't have jumped on the cactus. The passerby should have just shook his head that some idiot pounced on a thorny plant - regardless of his reason why.

    I'm sure that you'll claim the point in that is because some union somewhere forced him to go cactus-jumping on his day off due to the newly-passed Regulation 44A, which clearly states:

    All NW Indiana steel workers shall cactus jump on his or her day off. The government is not responsible to supply said cactus and all costs involved in locating and traveling to said cactus are the responsibility of the steel worker.

    P.S. Claiming that any attempt at a discussion by me is somehow clouded because I "carry the mantle as a message board legend" is ridiculous. WTF is a message board legend? That's like claiming you're the best detective in the world because you beat Aunt Nora in a game of Clue. It's just absurd. Kinda like jumping on a cactus.

    * Sole Member of Loner Monkey Gang * 11-Time Winner of POTW Award * Does Not Give A Sh*t