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US Dollars vs. Treasury Dollars. What's the difference?

  • US Dollars are Federal Reserve Notes issued by the private Fed. Res. Bank as debt instruments. They're created out of thin air and backed up by nothing, but we're charged interest for every dollar we hold, even though the bank sacrificed nothing to issue them. Oh yeah, they do sacrifice something.....purchasing power and the end users who are holding these debt instruments.

    Treasury Dollars are issued by the Treasury Department of the US government, at no interest. Hopefully, they will be backed up by silver, gold, or both. But if they are backed up by nothing....they would still be a lot better solution than sticking with the US Dollar by signing up for another 100 years of indentured servitude. At least with the Treasury Dollar we aren't going to be paying interest on the national debt, because there won't be a national debt. Which means income taxes can go way down, maybe to nothing, as was the case before 1913. Hopefully the Treasury Dollar will be backed up by precious metals. I think that it's important the monetary system become constitutional again.

    At first, the Treasury dollar will be devalued against other currencies. Chinese products will get more expensive. There could be a boom in industry where it's actually more profitable to manufacture in the united states, instead of exporting jobs overseas. US exports will be a lot more competitive. The US will have to prove itself all over again.

    Lincoln did it during the civil war.
    Kennedy tried to do it.

    Our feudalist system will end this year. Yes, there will be some growing pains, but a Treasury dollar is much better than a us dollar, especially when the us dollar is hyper-inflated, devalued, and backed by nothing. While you're watching the mainstream news, this is what's going on behind the scenes.....a plan to restore America to what it once was...even better than in its hay-day.

    The Money Masters:
    The Creature from Jekyll Island:

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