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Yes Lou, too much knowledge about meaningless and frivolous...

  • details and nonsense.

    But for the things that really matter in life, there is way too much ignorance and disinterest.

    I've known about this for a few years, but the fact that people are disinterested in this is stupefying.
    If people don't care about this, do you think they'll care about paying 60% in taxes?
    As long as their HD reception is pristine, there will be no complaints...about anything.
    People seem to immerse themselves in the lives of athletes as a way to escape their own responsibilities.
    If they pretend that all is well and ignore these major incursions by turning a blind eye, they can spend their adulthood being petty children rooting on and obsessing about their favorite teams and players as they neglect their own family. Pretending that all is well and wearing your favorite player's jersey is much safer than having knowledge that actually matters. That is why people obsess about this non-sense. They just don't want to grow up and be adults, so they just live vicariously through these student athletes and professional athletes.