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Brian Kelly On Vanderdoes, Kiel

While most of Brian Kelly’s Tuesday afternoon impromptu press conference centered on the future status of junior quarterback Everett Golson, who will not be with the program in 2013, the Irish head coach also was asked about California five-star defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes.

Kelly said his attention is on those players who want to be part of his program, not those who don’t.

247Sports’ No. 6 overall prospect in the class of 2013 signed with the Fighting Irish in February, but since then all indications have pointed to him having a change of heart and wanting out of the agreement. When asked about Vanderdoes, and whether he expected him to enroll at Notre Dame’s summer school session that begins June 17, Kelly adroitly stepped around the inquiry.

“It’s just like all of our guys,” Kelly said. “We expect all of our guys in in June. But until they’re here, you know my policy has been pretty standard on that one. I don’t get too involved in who’s not here.

“None of those freshmen are here yet. We’ll see who shows up. There’s always a surprise or two. We hope they’re all here when they’re asked to report in June.”

Vanderdoes topped Kelly in the nebulous statement category on Tuesday when he issued the following statement via text message: “I will be coming out with a statement soon regarding my situation as speculation keeps moving further and further from anything resembling the truth in this.”

Kelly’s nonchalance about the matter was similar to when freshmen receivers Davonte’ Neal and Justin Ferguson also left the program after the first week of spring drills. Said Kelly at the time: “There will be more guys leaving and more guys coming. This is a process that every year you go through.”

The Notre Dame head coach also had a pause and chuckle when asked if he had made contact with sophomore quarterback Gunner Kiel, who left the program prior to spring practice and enrolled at the University of Cincinnati this month. Technically, Kiel still could have returned to Notre Dame without having to transfer.

“That’s not something that I’ve ever done, nor would I do,” Kelly said. “I’m going to coach the guys that want to be here at Notre Dame. Gunner had his reasons for not wanting to be here. I think you guys know me well enough — I’m going to coach the guys that want to be here at Notre Dame.”

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